The Gathering 2016 Gatcha

Gatcha Gatcha Gatcha, it seems Second Life cant get enough of these games. If you dont know what Gatcha is let me quickly explain. There are usually 4 - 6 prizes in a gatcha machine, 1 of them is a rare item and you will only win this around 3% of the time. The other prizes are usually common objects that you will win around 20% of the time each. You can check out Meshy Bishes Gatcha machines here

Anyways back to the Gathering 2016 Gatcha event.

If you like Gatcha you can visit the location by clicking here

Once you land on the main teleport area you will see there is a walkway in front of you. This leads along to 4 platforms full of gatcha machines that you can play and win some amazing prizes by some amazing designers. If you love these games then this is defiantly the place you need to go.

The architecture here is amazing, it looks really nice and some thought has gone into the design of the structure, its not just a quick design at all which adds to the overall experience.

This unique gatcha event is on until April 10th 2016 so take a look while its still on.

Guest Post by Marilag Guinto (iwoz)

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