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So me & my mate Chloe xxLovelyBabesxx are getting ready for our holiday in Marbs this summer, (Marbella for those who don't know) 
We wanted to get "kitted up" with some right tasty clothes & skins
& heard about this gaff in SL called "TheShops" apparently it brings a whole
new shoppping experience to the grid!

Now, its in (Beta) mode still.... having said that, it looks really cool, although somewhat confusing!?
You land in an EXTREMELY white shop/place? its just white walls with images on the wall....

Not your usual images, they aren’t prims you click or touch to buy, that’s not the only confusion...
You've GOT to be wearing their Hud to view anything or shop! O_o

If you are like me *lands in some place & instantly declines the welcome message trying to give me a landmark or group invite*
Then you will be stuck as you have to accept the item (welcome card LM & Hud) .....
there is a place to pick up the hud again, but like I said, its confusing and this may take some time to realise!

Getting the Hud on, "add" & it will be on your screen to your left, you need to choose your language and accept the TOS
once you've done this, your view changes slightly and you can now click the images on the wall.

I liked how they have put the effort into the design of the Hud.... but being a noob to all this... it took me a while
to even see where the Hud was! lol
(bright white walls and a very white and pink logo for the Hud) makes it very hard to see it!

Once you click an image on the wall, you are asked to choose a style, then unlock the mesh.... whatever that means?

Here comes the cool part..... the hud opens an array of colours/textures/styles, for the item you've chosen,
you can really mix n match here!

I didn't purchase anything as you need to "purchase store credit" and my avatar isn’t mesh,
But, we will update you on the quality of their clothing when Chloe gets her head around this new shopping concept!

All in all, the shop looks good....
the textures look realistic, but im not really "down" with the way you buy in this place!

I must say, I prefer normal SL shopping and the fact that they do not offer Classic Avatar apparel turns me off,
I like variety, and being able to choose either mesh or classic gives you more choice like at Meshy Bishes.

So I guess this means more shopping with us, are you up for it??..... 

I'm not complaining, we ARE Essex girls after all! ;)

LondonBish Wears -

Place - TheShops
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