Club Leo review

What is better than a club in a tropical setting? If you are into the club scene in SL and want a change to the usual urban industrial type settings for clubs why not try Club Leo?

You can visit the club here

Here is the view from the landing point and you can see the wonderful tropical setting in the background

The Stage is fully featured and looks like a real concert stage, it has the DJ to the left (as you look at the stage from the front) and the host on the right hand side. The dance balls are above the stage area for couples and for singles they are to the left of the dance floor

There are also games like Greedy Greedy to the left of the stage area that you can hang out with some friends and play

Unlike a lot of other clubs that are based in buildings, being in a tropical setting gives you the advantage of being able to have a pool based area for events too. I like this area as i could see the fun you could have holding events here

Next door to the club there is a concert venue which has a stage area along with a large area for people to gather to watch the live bands play.

There are also some other areas that you can hang out and chill with your friends if you want to in this nice tropical paradise setting

They play all kinds of music apart from Metal, Screamo and rap but they do play chart tunes, 80s, 90s, 00s and when events are on they get a nice crowd of people in who are friendly and helpful. The club is also currently hiring DJ's and hosts/hostesses so if you have the qualifications head on over and fill in an application form

The overall experience at Club Leo is very positive, the club is welcoming of new people, they play a good selection of tunes, they have a concert venue attached with live bands, they have chillout areas for you and your friends plus they have fishing if you are into that

What i liked - Tropical setting, Nice sized dance floor that isnt too large so you cant hear the host and isnt too small that everyone is crushed, Concert venue next door that has live bands, Nice selection of other areas like gaming, fishing, relaxing.

What i disliked - Nothing

So if you are looking for a new club to visit or just want a change from the usual club take a look at Club Leo and let me know what you thought in the comments section below, what did you like about it? Anything you disliked? If you have any questions about this or any other of the reviews on the site just let me know and as always ill see you next time.
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