Boutique LOVELY - A review of the store and second life marketplace

Second Life is full of talented people who create nice looking clothes for our avies to wear and Lydia Sands store Boutique LOVELY is a good example of this.

You can visit the inworld store here
Or you can visit the Second Life Marketplace store here

When you first land at the store you are greeted by a nice looking building with a very nice garden area out front

This is part of the garden area infront of the store

The store is nice, bright and airy with lots of space for you to move around and get a good look at the clothes

A nice selection of dresses in different colours

Moving around you see more nicely laid out and easy to see vendors

The back wall has a nice selection of long dresses

Moving round we see more dresses of nice quality

More amazing outfits in really nice colours, The store really has made an effort to create garments in more colours than the usual black, blue or red

These happy rez day banners and heart shaped balloons are for sale too which i thought was a nice touch for anyone having a birthday in SL

The upper floor shows more amazing outfits in a wide range of colours and styles, there is something here for almost any occasion from clubbing, formal, relaxing or having a special night in with your loved one.

There are also a selection of free garments available in the store. These are of good quality and are of the same standard the other items in the store are so are very much worth grabbing while you are there.

The stores Marketplace has some good reviews on the items so you can see the quality from what other people have commented. The designs look sharp and current. They are for classic avatars so if you have a mesh body you might have to wait until they are updated to accommodate you like Libertys of London have done with their clothes. If you are looking to get a new outfit or looking for something to wear to the beach or in the spring take a look at Boutique LOVELY,

Hope you enjoyed the review, if you have any questions or comments you can leave them below and as always ill see you next time

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