Every week, SL Fashion and Music will be featuring a shop here on the blog!
This will give your shop/brand exclusive exposure to a wide audience through our Blog and popular Facebook group

We like to give the viewers an unbiased look at your product/shop/services, by showing them around your place, and giving them an insight into what it is, that really makes your store/creations buzz!

Want to become a part of 
SL Fashion and Music?

Fill out the form on our Blog >>
Or send a Notecard in world and submit your details with us.
Your Store info will be posted on our Featured Designers Page!

SL Fashion and Music would love to Showcase your Sales, offers, new items and Free Gifts!

There is no cost to you, Just send a Note card to Jaimee Benelli or Droknr Morgath with info regarding the Sale or group gift.

Things to include in the Note card -

  • Sale details. ( Start, end, Prices %’s off)
  • Slurl of Main Store or Event.
  • A full perm texture or textures on the sale info or relevant hair ( IE: new gift hair )
We look forward to featuring you!!


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