Miss Mischief and Tokyo Girl outlet stores

Two really nice quality stores in Second Life Miss Mischief and Tokyo Girl both have an outlet store on the Script sim and the building looks rather impressive being in an old factory style so we decided to go take a look

You can visit the location by clicking here

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The first thing you will see is an area that you can rez your items once you have bought them which is a really nice touch if you dont have your own land or house to rez them and something not many shops have

There is also a raffle board on the wall that at the time of this writing has a prize of 200L$ on it and the only thing you have to do to enter is join the group.

The outside of the Miss Mischief store looks very cool with its old factory look, makes it feel like you could be in an old industrial area on the outside of town somewhere

The quality of the clothes from Miss Mischief is really nice, they know how to make good fashion and at a good price too. They have a varied selection of clothes as you can see from the picture below, they are custom made and not just re textured stuff

I like the feel of the store, it really does look and feel like an old factory in here and the ambience is just right with the light on the floor it makes for a really nice shopping experience

Onto Tokyo Girl. This store sells really nice quality items too and follows the same theme of the store being in an old factory

They sell really well made hair here which is nicer than a lot of hair you can find in Second Life. If you are looking to change up your look i would recommend a visit as the biggest difference you can make to your avie without breaking the bank is changing your hair


Again there are 2 floors of items here like in Miss Mischief and all in these wonderful factory buildings. It shows they have taken the time to select a nice building to house their wonderful creations in 

They also have stalls for rent outside in case you are looking to start a new business in Second Life or if you have an existing one and are looking for a nice spot to place a stall. The stalls fit in with the factory theme and look really nice.

On the land behind the stall you can see Meshy Bishes Tiki hangout with free photo studio for public use. 

They also have a rather nice looking Gatcha machine with umbrellas in them that actually go up like a real one and your avatar holds them correctly even when you walk which is really nice. 

Here are 2 views of the factory stores both close up and further away showing how nice they look. 

You can see by the traffic counter that a lot of people have already checked out Miss Mischief and Tokyo Girl stores because of the quality of the clothes and hair etc. They really are nice outlet stores with a great range in for not being a main store. If you want to check out a smaller less crowded store than a main store jump on the location above and head on over. 

Guest post by Thirza Bastin (Thirzabastin)

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