Gatcha at the Arcade

Gatcha, you cant deny that it has become part of Second Life shopping and games. If you have never played a Gatcha machine basically the premise is there are some prizes in a game machine and you pay a set amount like 25-50L$ and you receive a prize but some of the prizes are rare so say there are umbrellas but only 1 has teddy ears on and you want it, you might have to play it 4 or 5 times to get the one with the teddy ears, meanwhile youre winning other ones in the process. Its a fun way of getting items you can use to decorate your house or give to friends.

A huge Gatcha event is on at The Arcade so i thought i would go down and check it out

On first landing i was impressed by the look of the place, it is a proper arcade at the end of a pier just like you would find at a seaside town.

Also this place is huge, i mean its not just a small plot, this is a large plot with a LOT of gatcha machines in it for you to play.

If you like playing these games then you have probably already been but if not check out some of the items that are available in the games

There really is something for everyone here and if you have never played Gatcha then this would be an ideal place for you to try it and get the gatcha bug.

They even have a fortune teller machine, just like a real arcade

Ok so you are already probably wanting to teleport there so here is the link again The Arcade Gatcha Event

Let me know what machines you liked, what did you win? did you get the prize you wanted? What other gatchas do you go to? Comments, questions etc all in the box below and as always thanks for reading and ill see you next time 
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