Cafe Clair, a welcome break

After a hard night partying Andrea just wanted a cup of coffee without all the fancy stuff that comes with some cafes such as starbucks, she just wanted a nice cafe to have a nice drink in when she came across Cafe Clair

You can visit Cafe Clair here

Stepping in you can feel this is a nice place, it has some interesting decorations on the wall

So she walked over to the counter and sat on the stool and ordered a coffee

Around the rest of the cafe, there was a nice looking tip jar with some gestures for sale

The decorations on the wall were pretty interesting and the interior of the building did look like someone had put some effort into it

Finishing up her coffee Andrea paid at the counter and took a muffin from the fresh counter and took it outside to the balcony

It was a lovely Sunday morning and the night before had been fun, she had danced until dawn and her feet ached but she didnt care, she sat and watched the sunrise off in the distance while eating the muffin, life was beautiful and it didnt get much better than this. She made a note of the location of Cafe Clair as she felt she would be back here again pretty soon

There are not many cafes in SL that are next to a lake like Cafe Clair. Across the lake is a small linden island where you can rez a boat and there is also a free boat giver too so you could visit the cafe, get some supplies then go sailing, what a lovely way to spend a Sunday

Do you agree with our review? Do you think Cafe Clair is in an ideal location? What do you like about it? As always leave any comments or questions below and as always ill see you next time
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