Sailing in Second Life and where to rez your boat for free

This post comes from a question i was asked tonight by a new player so i thought i would put it on here so everyone could see.

So you bought a boat but you dont want to pay 500 - 800L$ a week to moor it, where can you rez it for free?

We will find out after the jump

Ok the first place is DP Public dock, this gives you access to over 50 Linden sea sims which you will agree is plenty enough for a ride out with your freinds

You can visit DP Public dock here

As you can see from the screenshot the rez area s highlighted for you so you cant really miss it.

The next place n our list is Mermaid inn at Pierside yacht club this is a club with a public boat rez zone attached, it is laid out nicely and the fact there is already a social club there you shouldnt have too much trouble meeting someone there to talk to about sailing

Up next is the Boat rez zone Tuliptree, this place looks like an old swamp area, wth a small house to the right it does look the part.

Ok last on the list is a linden infohub but it is also where you can get a free boat to rez and use on the SL walterways its the Ferry Terminal and infohub barnbarossa

So this is my list of places to rez boats, its no means the full list, its just a list to help you on your way in rezzing your SL boats and haivng fun with them,. If you dont have a boat you can alsways get one for free at the infohub above

Did you find these interesting? if not how could we have improved the review? got some info you want to give us about sailing in SL or mabybe you just want to call us names? Leave comments below and as always ill see you next time

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