Freebie photo studio?

Its Friday night and im in on Second Life, no one else on my friends list is on so what can i do? I could go to a club? Or i could check out the destination guide? I know what ill do, i will go take a look at Freebie Galaxy they usually have some cool things you can find and for free. Well this time i managed to grab a bargain and only got a Photo Studio for free!!

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Now i know what you are thinking, "Its free, it cant be that good?" Yes it is free and yes while it does lack on things such as lights it does have a fully featured pose stand with lots of poses in, it also has various backgrounds you can use to snap a quick profile picture or use for advertising your clothes etc

Here is the beautiful Andrea Ingrao modelling some of the poses and backgrounds

Andrea is wearing Rylai Tight dress - Love Rocks by Blueberry
Hair by Truth

You can visit my photo studio here and check i tout for yourself before you go and get your own one, did i mention its free?

So whats your favourite pose or background? Got a question or just want to comment, please ask away in the box below and as always ill see you next time
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