My journey with Amaretto Horses

Awite babes? So yeah i got invited back to do another post so i thought i would do it about horses seeing as i just bought one myself.
Heres me with LovelyAwss because she is a lovely horse, see we say awss down in in my gaff so if you hear it from now on you know what im on about

So you wanna get yourself an horse but dont wanna look like a total banana running round like a noob and dunno where to go to get one. Well chill your cockles dears because i is gonna tell you how to get your mitts on one yerself.

Ok first off you need to get your plates over to this gaff here

This is me at the landing point. Oh ma gawsh they got tiny horses and they look so cute innit? Just check out that tiny awss infront of me. How cute is that?

Anyways you need to go into the building

Straight infront of you there are boxes of ready made breedable horses as you can see from the shot below they sell different amounts so you can either start with one like me or get more and have a whole gaggle of horses like my mate sharon does on a weekend or at least she must have as she said it was huge like an 'orse and she was walking funny so i guess she had been riding one

So now you got your horse but the thing aint gonna feed itself is it? just like a real one you gotta feed it but unlike a real one you cant just put it in a field and go get on with it, this is SL and horses here dont get they can eat grass and i dont mean dope cakes either. You gotta buy it the feed to keep it healthy.

To the left of the boxes of horses is the main feed, this will keep your horse from going hungry. Also you want a salt lick to keep your horse happy. If your horse in RL aint happy with your salt lick then wash your flange yer dirty cow.

There are also supplies here you can buy for if your horse is sick and other foods to make them happy. Just like a real horse they love snacks and treets.

Nah if you aint a clever stick like me you might need some help with all of this so they have a mentor program you can join and have an established breeder help you, which is good i think as you dont wanna be stabbing in the dark at this breeding lark, just like in real life we all hate breeders who have no clue just banging away like some rabid dog while you fall asleep with boredom, So if you dont get this you should join their program innit.

They also have events and you can see the event listing for March 2016

So what do these horses look like? I mean do they look like a real horse or do they look like some rubbish pile of prims like a noob guy at a sex beach?

Join me as i visit Angel Heaven Isle to check out some more horses here

This place is just full of horses so you can see lots of different types. The pic below is a huge store you can buy horses that have been bread already and are in a container waiting for you to birth them. You aint gotta just have a noob horse like from above you can buy ones from bread horses

So here are some pictures of the types of horses you can find in SL

Check me with these pink horses lol

They dont just stand either some lay down and sleep, this one was pregnant tho so maybe it was tired

Tiny ones too 

My gawsh its got the horn and feckin big wings too

All different types

Even ones with top hats and suits wtf?

Lovely coloured ones

I aint greedy now i just want them all

Look at the beautiful rainbow coloured ones

They even have a horse with a waiting list to breed with it. Now i got a mate whose like that, on a weekend his phone blows up with calls wanting him, i aint ever called him tho but my mate Donna has but all she said was that he acted like an ass, or at least thats what i thought she meant when she said "oh baaaaaaaabes he was like a fecking donkey, im saddle sore, like i been riding a feckin bronco, buckin me he was all feckin weekend" but my phone was on the blink and some of the text came out funny so she might not have meant that at all.

Thats the horse you can breed with, looks more like a zebra to me but some pretty colours though and he has a salt lick so i guess he is a dirty mare lol.

Anyways thats my intro to SL horses, they can be a lot of fun and when they grow up you get to ride them and enter competitions with them just like a real horse. There is a big community on SL into these breedable horses and everything that goes with them so once you enter it you will gain a whole new world on SL of friends and things to do. It aint like youre going to be sitting around bored all dan in the maff, get yer jimmy choos on and get glad ragging because theres tons of stuff to do once you get one of these horses.

Laterz aligatorz
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  1. Babes, glad to see you back....I love your posts you are so funny & your aws looks lovely! :P