Weirdiculous - weird costumes, gifts and more

Imagine the scene, you are sitting around with your friends and youre bored, you want something to make them laugh, they have heard all your jokes, you have watched all the funny movies on your SL tv and they dont want to go hang out at a comedy club. You need a funny avatar or attachment to make them laugh and Weirdiculous is the place to get them

You can visit the main store here

There are all kinda of avatars and attachments here, see more after the jump

The main store isnt huge but dont let that fool you, there are a huge amount of items here to make you and your friends laugh. From items that sit on your shoulder to full avatars you will find something weird here for sure, take a look below at some pics of the store

We all know the kind of person who could really have a bag over their head, well now you know where to get one

Want a full avatar thats weird? 1 attachment isnt quite doing it for you? No worries, there are 2 full walls of avatars ready for you to make you laugh

They also have a prizes you could win, so you could get one of these amazing props for free

Then when you have finished shopping for your weird stuff you can go outside and round the left hand side of the store and you will find a bouncy castle, air hockey and other vendors.

For me the Weirdiculous store was a very positive experience. It has fun avatars and attachments for any kind of occasion.

What i liked - The sheer amount of attachments or avatars are too many to choose from and will make you laugh for sure. I liked the bouncy castle too, that was a nice touch

What i disliked - Nothing

So do you agree with our review? What funny avatar did you like from the store? Have any comments or questions? Leave us a note below and as always ill see you next time
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