Star Riders biker sim

Ok so not wanting to let the girls take over the blog i thought it was time to post something the guys who read the blog might be interested in. I mean shoes and dresses might be ok some times but there are times when a guy just wants to get on his bike and ride right fellas?

Well you are in luck because here is a review about the awesome biker sim Star Riders which you can check out here

When you land on the sim, this is where you start out, which is a neat bar with a parking area out front and a nice water scene out back.

As we ride out from the bar we are greeted with an alleyway of motorcycle club flags

Further on round, still on ground level we can see the other side of the bar where we started

Ok so now we start on the journey properly. The road rises above the bar area and we are greeted to this fantastic view

The first pit stop area where you can take a break if you wish

Forgotten to fuel up before you started out on the ride? No worries there is a station here you can fill up on fuel or food

Following the winding road as we journey higher up

Another rest area

Now this was a nice looking stop, it has a totem pole with a wigwam and horses

Jump the gap in the track and make sure you dont fall through or you will be falling a looooooong way down

A welcome break after the journey so far at a cool looking place with a dinosaur on top!

As we journeyed further up the track we came across this city which looked rather cool and had a gritty urban feel to it and had quite a few back streets you could spend a while wandering around here on its own

The view of the city from another angle

This is what the city looked like from above, it is quite detailed and has a surprising amount of things to see in it

Carrying on up on the track we came rode past this which looks like a huge whale in a pool next to a motel looking block of apartments

After leaving the whale and riding for a while more we were amazed to see this pop into view. It is a concert venue which looks a bit like Twickenham rugby stadium in London, UK

The inside of the concert venue from one of the stands. It looks almost gladiatorial in its construction like at any moment 2 roman warriors would step out and begin fighting

After leaving the concert arena we rode on further and found this nice wooded area

Just to give you an idea of the complexity of the track and how much road there actually is here, you can see the bends and the track quite well so when i say this is a LONG journey and track it really is

I would say that in real life it would be about 30 to 50 miles worth of track which shows you the quality of the construction and effort put in by the sims owners

Another nice wooded area with a waterfall, just the thing you need to cool off after a hot journey on a summers day

After a stop at the waterfall it was back on the road again and further up

And we were rewarded with a drive in movie theatre or in our case a ride in one.

After stopping to watch a movie we journeyed on further and came across this cool WigWam hotel which by now was a very welcome break

After spending some time at the Wigwam hotel we carried on up on more road, this truely is a huge amount of road to cover on this sim, if you like riding them this is your kind of sim

Now this was a welcome sight, a diner so we stopped and had a bite to eat before carrying on

After the diner and riding some more we stopped at the bowling alley

The bowling alley interior which looked pretty realistic

After the bowling we rode further on up into the sky along the winding road and we then rode into this western looking town. Its complete with rolling tumbleweed and horses in the ranch

We decided to mosey on our of the western town and continued on our ride. After a while we stopped here which is a memorial garden to the fallen soldiers who bravely gave their lives to defend freedoms in the world. A very nice and sobering place, it was nice to see this on a sim and in SL as this gets forgotten most places so it was a nice touch by the developers of the sim

We rode on and on until we came to the very top of the sim. With a loop the loop track and an arena in the centre this was a pretty cool top to our journey.

This was the view as we rode into the top part of the sim

The track here was fun to ride around and after a while exploring we decided to ride all the way back down and back to where we started

There is also a teleport board so you can get to any of these places and more quickly than having to ride all the way there

This is an interior shot of the bar at the start of the sim on ground level

This is the view from the other side of the water looking back at the bar

And here is the start/finish piece of track for our journey. It was certainly a very cool experience and was a nice amount of road to ride on and test out your bike but also with all the stops along the way it broke the journey up so you dont get bored as there is always something new to check out just around the corner.

Thanks for joining me on this journey on the StarRiders biker sim and ill see you next time.

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