Franks Place Jazz club review in Second Life

You couldnt really call this a blog about music in Second Life if we didnt include one of the most consistently busy clubs, Franks Place. This jazz club is almost always in the top 10 of clubs on Second Life for the sheer amount of people who go there.

If you are into formal wear, couples dances and a ballroom ambience then this is the place for you.

You can visit Franks Place by clicking here

When you land you instantly know this is an upper class neighbourhood because of the styles of dress that people have here. This is a top hat and tails/formal dress kinda place, none of your jeans and tshirts here, oh no and when you get the popup for joining the group and it costs 500L$ to join you know you have arrived at a classy sim.

The style of music played here does vary but it is mostly smooth jazz or ballroom type of music. Slow romantic music you could call it. It is there for couples to dance on the floor mainly and it works very effectively

Walking up the grand staircase to the club you will come across their greeter. This is not a bot but is a real avatar with a real person behind it there to greet you personally to the club which i thought was a very nice touch

The dancefloor itself is large and it has to be as this club is one of the busy clubs in SL where everyone wants to go and be seen. Its large enough to fit everyone on but not too large that you would get lost. It has very nice couples dances too.

The bar area is a nice area with ample seating if you wish to hang out and chat with friends or make some new ones as it is the place people seem to hang out before going on the dance flooor

As with any large club Franks place has an extensive mall with a lot of shops in it for your enjoyment. The style of store reflects the kind of sim this is with formal dress being the most popular

If you do join the Franks Elite VIP group when you land you will get invites to exclusive events on the Franks Elite sim, they also hold other events too as you can see on the poster below

Franks place is one of the most popular clubs in Second Life due to its formal style and the ambience of an up market club compared to other urban ones which gives it a nice and friendly feel to it.

What i liked - Nice music that fits the sim
Formal dress
Personal greeting from a real avatar and not a bot
Very nice couples dances
Very nice selection of formal stores

What i didnt like - The sim can lag if you are on a lower spec machine, it if does make sure you have avatar impostors on and lower the amount of non imposters you have showing

Overall the experience was outstanding, i really enjoyed my time there and was a really nice place to go for a formal couples dance.

Guest post by Thirza Bastin (Thirzabastin)

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