About Us

SL Fashion and Music is the result of the successful partnership between the 
designers: Jaimee Benelli and Droknor Morgath. Our first experience was with 
SLStringfellows back in 2007 at an event that was a success, and 
inspired us to continue to create and promote events in SL.

Droknor Morgath AKA Andrea Ingrao born Christmas day 2007 is a Hostess, DJ, Former club and sim manager she has plenty experience within Second Life and knows what it takes to make somewhere successful. Having previously worked at clubs like Gol, Diamond Dolls, The Galaxy, Rave Pharm, Black Orchid, Heaven and Hell, 4Play, Africa Dreams and many more. She has an eye for good fashion and photography in world.

Jaimee Benelli AKA one half of the fashion duo that is Libertys of London has a passion for fashion that began way back in 2007 when she and her business partner Mavish started their club MJ's. This then moved onto SLStringfellows a successful club and mall that managed to bag fashion highflyers like WRONG to their mall when other bigger clubs struggled. Moving from the club scene to 100% into the fashion world Jaimee started the store Libertys of London along with Mavish and created custom made clothes that fitted with the London Look they were designing for. The store was popular enough and recognised by Linden Labs to be featured in the destination guide, a testament to their flair and business acumen in the SL fashion world.


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