OZ Nightclub - A romantic art deco club

In real life i like the art deco look, the designers of the 1930s sure knew how to make a statement with their different shapes and colours. The sweeping lines of the cars of the time are just one example, another are the trains with their curved cowlings hiding the angular shapes of the trains underneath. Another form of art deco is buildings. There were many built in this style and so its good to find a nightclub in Second Life carrying this trend on.

You can visit the club here

When you first land at the club you are greeted by this wonderful looking hall way in the art deco style. The soothing green colour gives a nice welcome and makes a change from a lot of clubs in Second life

This is to the right of where i was standing when i took the first pic, it is on the wall and is a wonderful art deco mural. Also notice the art deco doorway and window glass, a nice touch.

Moving into the dance floor area of the club you are greeted with this amazing view. The black and white tiled floor goes well with the green and gold. It reminds me of a movie that should have Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire in than a club in Second Life so this was nice. The room is of a good size so you could get quite a few people in the club and still have room

This is another view of the amazing dance floor with another mural on the wall. I like the colour scheme and i think it goes very well with the overall feel of the club. The textures are nice and they load quickly which is good in a club that has a lot of people in.

Moving outside to the balcony you can see the full building which follows the theme beautifully. The curves of the roof remind me of the Crystal Palace in London and the colours flow outside to the balcony and walls too

Looking out over the balcony i got a surprise, i wonder if you can see it too?

If you want to visit OZ Nightclub and i hope you do, here is a photo of the events postings but take a trip down there with a loved one and dance the night away in this amazing art deco ballroom

I hope you enjoyed this review, Any questions or comments please leave them below and as always ill see you next time.

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