Fashion, Shopping...... What else?? 

Admit it, you love to shop as much as the next person in RL.... but in SL... you can go that one extra mile & wear the thing you've always been to shy to wear in RL... am I right?

You can go bad azz, to sexy azz, as quick as I can click the "invent" so what's stopping you fulfilling your shopping dream?

Finding the right place! Fashion has come a long way from. dare I say it.........."Flexy Prims & Glitch Pants" LOL

We know what we want, but its finding the right place....
This is where SL Fashion and Music comes into the equation! We aim to become a "hub" for all your SL shopping needs, bringing new & old designers & creators on the bandwagon & getting everyone involved!
So why not hit us up in the contact form >> & lets make everyone KNOW where to go
"Get the Look"!

Hair - Moon
Jacket - Meshy Bishes
Jeans - Liberty's of London


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