Where to rez your fashionable goodies

Lets say that you have just been out shopping in SL and you brought a new item but when you look in your inventory you find that its boxed and you dont have anywhere you can rez the item to get your goodies out. What do you do? Well this is where "Sandboxes" come in.

Sandboxes are places where you can rez item, build, test things, basically all the things you can do if you own a piece of land but without the cost. There is also usually a time limit too on how long your items can be in the sandbox before they get auto returned.

The sandbox i use is called Sandbox Shiromani

Pretty much when you land you will be greeted with this view which is the main landing point for the sandbox

Behind you are some ads to gaming sims and other places you may want to look at

To the left as you land there is a room with a very large amount of freebies all crated for you so if you need a new vehicle, house, clothing, whatever, there are crates of items here as well as scripts on the wall to help you with a new creation

To the right of the landing area there are more vendors

Outside from the landing area there is a gaming area where you can meet new people, chat, chillout and play some fun games such as chess

There are freeplay games here, a lot of places you will have to pay to play games but luckily not here

And then its out onto the sandbox itself. It is half a sim in size so there is always enough room for everyone and with over 7000 prims available there will always be enough spare for you to rez your items. If the ground level is crowded though you can always rez a cube, stretch it and then move it up into the sky a bit above the sandbox and work on there but i have always found enough room to rez what i need when i go there.

There are plenty more sandboxes in Second Life, this is just one of them but they all follow the same basic principle of allowing you to rez your items for free. However they do have rules. Please read them when you land to make sure you dont break any and get banned from the sandbox. Most are pretty standard stuff like behave yourself, no harrassing other players, no shooting weapons, no laggy scripts etc basically, dont be foolish and you should be ok.

Thats where to rez your items in Second Life if you dont have a house, i hope you enjoyed it and ill see you next time.

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