Toxik Rock

Toxik Rock
Now as rock clubs go in SL, there are mainly 3 types. The good, such as Ohana and the Bittr End, The bad, well you know who they are and the down right ugly, the less said about those the better. However Toxik Rock luckily falls into the Good category. With its awesome green ambient look and the dance pads on the floor allowing multiple dancers to all dance in sequence (and these are not the usual dance pad dances either, these are premium ones) it makes for a nice looking club. However looks dont count for much if your sound isnt up to it. Luckily Toxik Rock delivers here by the truck load. If you are looking for rock then you have found it. Also they have a voting system where you can vote for your favorite songs that the DJ has been playing, which is a nice feature.
The management team are also a dedicated bunch who know their stuff when it comes to club management so you are guaranteed a good time if you are looking for a decent rock club.
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