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Jaimee Benelli

Store -  Libertys of London/Meshy Bishes.

Being a Londoner, born & bred, shopping in SL.... I love the fact this next store has LONDON written all over it!!

Libertys of London has a variety of clothing, from casual to club wear for Classic SL avatars & the newer Mesh avatars!

Stemming from a small club label back in 2008, Liberty's has grown over the years, Jaimee Benelli & Mavish Demina (RL & SL Friends) have really listened to their customers needs, they started custom designing clothing for their Premium Club, SLStringfellows..... People began requesting items.

Mavish & Jaimee started in SL, owning MJ's Club, then moved on to SLStringfellows and it was while there Jai & Mav started Libertys,
They both knew they could make clothes that were just as good as the ones in the clubs mall, So they decided to go into SL fashion full time and launched Libertys of London creating styles that they would wear in RL with a London flavour!

The store was successful enough to be in the destinations guide and had a main store, an outlet store and a club Stages and Stage2 along side it! Coupled with a few other stores along the way like Jai's creations, where Jaimee tried out some "edgy" designs and ones that maybe didn't quite go with the main stores lines, but Jai wanted to let people try out so it was like a testing area for the main store.
Sadly moving in RL to another country, having a baby and other RL stuff, Jaimee & Mavish had to close the in-world presence but kept the marketplace going to keep the style and name there and now they are bringing it back!! 

Libertys unique style would look good on the new mesh bodies and Jaimee is currently working on creating new and different textures for an exciting new all mesh range that is to be launched soon under the Libertys brand

One Reviewer Says - 

Wow thank you, finally someone has made a mint green dress that isnt a formal one. I love the colour of this dress but unfortunately designers in SL seem to not use it enough. The textures are really cute and you could wear this out clubbing or just hanging around the house. You could even wear this as a tshirt with some jeans. I have the Slink Hourglass mesh body and this works with the Omega applier system and had no problems with it and it looks great on my mesh body or the normal "classic" skin as they are now called. Well done to Libertys for making colours that others dont, maybe designers like Blueberry should take note?

Fashion in SL is currently at the most important evolutionary phase of its life with more and more people moving to mesh bodies its more important than ever now that designers move towards this way of thinking instead of keeping on with just turning out clothes for just classic avatars or just mesh ones.
Designers have to embrace both and create fashion that meets both needs in one product. The best selling product on the marketplace currently is an applier based outfit which shows that the direction Jai is taking Libertys in is the right one and is one that only a very few designers are currently doing but the fact its the most popular item shows that its something the public wants to have so Jaimee is making sure that Libertys stays at the forefront of the fashion world in Second life by offering Omega appliers on all her designs from now moving forward so they can be enjoyed by everyone 

Libertys has great plans moving forward as are currently in discussions to sponsor events at some well known clubs, Meshy Bishes is also now the official sponsor of DJ Dean Ingrao whose interview is on the blog too. Jaimee is looking to create some pure mesh fashions too for those who just want a mesh look but you wont abandon your classic avatars either and have some exciting fashion ideas for them along with omega appliers so that anyone can use them

Jaimee chose Meshy Bishes as her in world partner to help relaunch the libertys brand in world because she felt they shared the same style ideas and had the same goal as her for bringing good looking fashion to avatars with a unique style and it made sense to partner with someone before launching her own store again as the other side of Libertys, Mav, has just had a baby in RL so her time is very limited right now so instead of waiting longer to relaunch she took the step of reaching out to an existing in world fashion house and formed the Libertys of London at Meshy Bishes store on the script sim which also houses Akeyo Animations and Dia's Out of Normal store

LondonBish Baabes wears -

Libertys of London Clothing for Classic SL & Mesh Avatars (Omega Appliers Included)

Ruched Silk Dress - Cayenne

Grungy Hearts Tshirt Dress - Blue

SplashTank Ripped Scupted Dress - Pink

Bloom Vintage Capri Set - Rose

Angelina Jolie Bafta Inspired "Digital Remake" - Purple

You can find these gorgeous outfits & More in store -

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