Beta Contributors list

The Beta Contributors list is a shrine made in June 2003 to celebrate the names of the beta testers for Second Life.

You can visit the location here

This historic site was made in June 2003 and was planted by Governor Linden to show the thanks that Linden Lab had for the people who had helped to shape what was to become Second Life. Before Second Life existed there was Linden World which was a kind of simplified version of Second Life but Linden Labs knew it had a unique product and could make it better and chose to expand it and start a beta version for people to test. The beta version was nothing like the Second Life of today, there werent skins, AOs, Windlights, clubs, music, sex or pretty much anything else you see in SL today. There were bugs, bugs and more bugs and Linden Labs worked hard to go through them and fix them all and it paid off as Second Life now is one of the most popular online worlds and is one of the longest running Multiplayer worlds with user created content.

 Of course back in the old days of Second life you were given a surname for your character unlike today where you can choose whatever you want, you had to choose a first name to go with a given last name. While this was a good idea it also led to a lot of frustration with people not being able to get the name they wanted.

So ultimately the names were changed to usernames, system clothes have made way for mesh, prim houses and vehicles have gone the same way and are now more commonly made of mesh materials than prims. Saying that though prims havent completely gone away, people still use them a lot but now with the aesthetics part of SL where everything has to look good and people wanting the best look to compete with other online worlds there is more and more mesh inworld

Of course Second life could have just stayed where it was and it would have still been relevant today because it is still a unique world to be in but with constant innovation Linden Labs have helped create a world that evolves and is constantly changing over time so you can never say "i have seen it all in Second Life" because i am still finding things that i didnt know existed such is the power of Second Life.

Let me know what your favorite place is in Second life in the comments below, any questions or comments just let me know and as always, ill see you next time

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