Blackhearts Rock Club in Second Life

There are clubs on Second Life that come and go, everyone and their mother wants to own a club, they go out, get some land, buy a prefab club, hire a bunch of people and then it folds in a month because they realise how much hard work it is to run a club in Second Life.
One of the clubs that came and stayed since 2007 is Blackhearts Rock club. This club has a good management team which has enabled it to stay on the grid for 9 years straight. I remember visiting this club as a newbie back in 2007 so i know it has been there this long

You can visit Blackhearts Rock Club by clicking here

When you first land you are at the entrance to the mall with the shops. The club is at the far end of this walkway which we will see after the jump

When you have walked through the shopping area you reach the club

Now being a club that has been here since 2007 it obviously knows a thing or 2 about how to make a successful place to come down and hang out. They have a nice team who run the club and some great DJ's and hosts who play awesome tunes and make you feel welcome no matter if you are 1 day old or 13 years old in second life.

The dance floor area itself is nicely laid out with a large enough area for everyone to fit on and dance in. The stage area is to the right as you enter with the usual dance balls infront of the stage, blue for guys and pink for girls. Pretty standard stuff but it works.

The mall area attached to the club is nice and has 3 walkways of shops and includes a large variety of different products, some are original stores, some are franchise stores but they offer a nice selection of goods and makes a good shopping experience while listening to the tunes

As you can see they have different looks in them which is nice and they are not all the same cookie cutter stores you see in some clubs. It shows they take the time to make sure the stores look nice and colourful for the visitors.

This is all well and good you say but what about the music? After all this is what makes a club. I can say it is varied and they do play some really cool rock tunes but also other tunes too which is nice and breaks it up a bit if you are here for a while hanging out chatting with others

Here is a short 15 minute selection of the music being played while i was there
[13:43:54] Now playing: Fleetwood Mac - The Chain
[13:45:12] Now playing: Whitesnake - Slide It In
[13:46:29] Now playing: John Parr - Naughty naughty
[13:50:00] Now playing: Mark Ronson - Uptown Funk (feat. Bruno Mars)
[13:54:28] Now playing: Charlie Puth - One Call Away
[13:57:25] Now playing: The Doobie Brothers - Drift Away

So there you have it, Blackhearts, its been on the grid now for 9 years and doesnt look like it will be going anywhere soon so if you like rock mixed with some other tunes then this could be the club for you to hang out in. It also has a nice shopping experience which adds to the overall feel of the sim

What i liked - Nice variation of stores
Good selection of tunes that didnt get boring
Nice hosts and DJ's that actually make you feel welcome
It has people there almost 24/7 making it a true day and night club
Large dance area which wont get crowded
Easily laid out with arrows showing you the way to the dance area
Danceballs easy to see in front of the stage

What i didnt like - No seating in the dance area for you to just hang out if you wanted, i know there is seating elsewhere on the sim though.

Overall the experience was very positive with a nice layout and easy to navigate paths to the club and great tunes make this a club to hang out at.

Do you agree? What did you like about Blackhearts? Did you like the stores? What about the tunes? Comments and questions in the box below and let us know your thoughts. Thanks for joining me on this review of Blackhearts Rock club and ill see you next time 

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