Nusquam - Welcome to nowhere

Nusquam - Welcome to nowhere. This title of the sim sure is accurate. This could be a place anywhere in the world. Its a view of a field which looks a bit tired and neglected. The visuals speak for themselves. Visiting the sim is recommended as i had to turn my graphics settings down due to the sheer amount of objects here and people which was creating lag so i apologise now if the photos dont look as good here as they would on your system

This is the view that greets you when you land, an old station looking building with a rail track running through it.

You can visit the sim by clicking here

When you start walking along the track the ambience changes, there is a field to your right and water to your left, you are in the middle of nowhere

I was waiting for a train to come along the track so i did keep looking behind me but luckily nothing came, so i continued on further

An old lighthouse at the side of the track shining out into the night, the sea is the other side of it.

As you can see here, this is the opposite side to the light house which shows the small beach below and the rail track still winding on through the countryside but now more exposed to the elements

Another old station further round just adds to the feeling that this place has been abandoned for a few years and hasnt seen life for a while around these parts. The creator has put some nice touches into the sim and has made a real effort to make sure everything fits in perfect with the overall look of the sim

Coming to the end of the track it falls into the sea. Where ever this used to go it is now only the ghost train that travels this route. I liked the look of the ground underneath with the rotting supports that made it look old and weathered

Backtracking down the rail track i came across the field that i mentioned earlier so i decided to enter it and this is amazing, the detail on the build is excellent and sure does look like an abandoned field that could be anywhere on the planet.

An old farm house at the opposite side of the field adds to the feeling that this place has been left alone for a long time.

An old car rusting outside the farm house reminds me of something you would see on Gas Monkey Garage on the Discovery channel where they would come along, buy it, take it back to their workshop and fix it up into a hotrod but i think that time has been a bit too harsh for this project

Along from the farm house and the car we find the other end of the rail track we were on earlier and we see why there was nothing coming when i was walking along it. Seems like the track has been unused for a while now judging by the condition of these wagons

Which then leads us back to the landing point and the old station where we first arrived.

This truly is an amazing sim and covers the full area of the sim so it is huge and there are plenty of places to explore and take photos. I have only covered a few here but there are lots more you can find and if you turn your graphics up it really does look good.

The attention to detail on the sim is really good and the whole feel of the place makes you think of an old backwater place thats been long forgotten, its like somewhere you could drive to and walk around. Im lucky that in real life scenes like this are just a 10 minute walk from my house so i can say that this place does look accurate to real life places.

What i liked about it - The textures were really really nice
The attention to detail is amazing
The ambience of the place is accurate to the feeling its trying to put across
Plenty of photo spots
It covers a whole sim so is huge

What i didnt like - I had to turn my graphics down because of the lag but this may just be my system but even so it did look good even with them down

Overall the sim is excellent and i love the feeling of abandonment here, i felt like i was urban exploring while walking around. If you have ever walked around abandoned places in real life you will understand how fascinating this can be, seeing how things were and now open to the elements how time wears them away.

So what did you think of it? Do you agree with the review? Did you like the place or did you hate it? Leave your comments or questions in the boxes below, thanks for joining me for this review and ill see you next time. 
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