Strawberryland by Cica Ghost, Lost Isle

Strawberryland is a creation by Cica Ghost and is an imagination of a garden with huge strawberry plants in it. None of it is to any kind of scale as there are huge people in the garden too doing different things. They also seem a bit windswept like there is a gale running across the island as some of their hair is being blown about.

This is where you land, the starting point for your journey around this wonderful garden. It is an old looking gazebo building that has seen better days but is perfect for the surroundings as we will see after the jump

You can visit Strawberryland by clicking here

As you step out of the landing area you are straight away confronted by these huge strawberries which are growing in the garden

There are also some other gazebo type structures around the garden which make it look and feel like you are in a magical place, somewhere you might read about in Alice in Wonderland or Narnia.

There is also a guy doing some painting outside, he has started to put some paint onto a huge wall and i dont know if he is about to just paint or if he is about to do a painting but it looks just like a photograph of an uncle when you were little doing something that you wish you could go ask them about

Further on round the garden there are 2 children playing, their hair like i mentioned earlier is windswept and it looks like they are in a gale along with the daisies that are next to them which appear to be blown in the wind too

Wildlife isnt forgotten in the garden either. Seeing as this looks kinda like a herb garden with all the plants in it and other gazebos for growing plants you would see some wildlife somewhere and here you have a someone feeding them while they all gather round waiting for the next handful of food to be thown

Seeing the hair and other parts of the garden are being blown by a wind it would make sense to see someone hanging out washing on a line to dry, you can see by the expression on their face that they seem to enjoy the feeling of the sun on their face with the wind in their hair

What garden like this would be complete without a potting shed? In England gardens like this used to be seen all over the country up to the 1960s when high rise flats (apartments to our American friends) came in and got rid of individual gardens in favour of communal gardens where everyone shares them which lead to a downfall of gardening. In recent years though this trend has been reversed with people now getting back into gardening both for food and for a pastime.

So there you have it, Strawberryland by Cica Ghost. The overall experience for me was positive. I liked the overall look and feel of the garden and i liked the detail that had gone into the creation of it so i would recommend a visit while its still here

Guest post by Thirza Bastin (Thirzabastin)
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