-70% PROMO @ Vaxer :: Chicago FitMesh Outfit (Maitreya, Physique and Classic) 13 Styles Fatpack + Clog Platforms

13 different styles in 1 pack and for only 99L$ but hurry this is a limited time offer only so make sure you grab this bargain quick. It looks really cute and comes with clog platforms too so you get 13 different outfits and shoes for just 99L$ thats almost 2 weeks worth of outfits! you cant complain with prices like this but like i said its a limited time offer and i dont know when the price will go back up so grab it while you can

Grab it from the Marketplace by clicking here
For those of you who love shoes in SL, will know matching feet & realistic textures are a must!
I've had my fair share of mismatching Slink feet/Shoes & I can tell you its SUCH a relief to find a pair of shoes that match my skin!

Well it was a nice surprise to see the current Gos Boutique Group Gift, was a Union Jack print pair of wedges!

Here is a really important event that if you havent been so far then please head on over as it ends on the 2nd of May 2016 so not much time left but it is such an important event that if you havent visited then please do. Its in support of the Kumamoto Earthquakes in April 2016 in Japan, you can read about them by clicking here

The event is a huge collection of designers who have given some items of their design with 50 to 100% of the profit going to the Hearts for Nine States charity collection.

You can visit the event by clicking here

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Group gifts, aaaahhhhh such wonderful things. They usually are unique pieces of work that only group members can get and normally are also very cheap. This is what you get at Blasphemic, some unique pieces and at such a great cheap price too its worth joining the group to get them. Also they have a Prince Love Symbol. Yes thats right, they have it on sale as a group gift for only 1L$.

You can visit the store by clicking here

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We all love a great bargain so check out this amazing one on the marketplace

The [hh] Natalia Top is a 40 Texture hud driven top, the textures looks really cute and at only 99L$ this is a real bargain to have all those different textures makes this top the bargain of the day

Check it out on the marketplace by clicking here
Now there is one club that is constantly in the top 10 clubs on SL for the sheer amount of people it gets going to it. This is because of the music, the atmosphere, the staff and the VIP's that all go together to make a club that people just want to go hang out in. Its also a really nice place to just drop into and listen to some nice tunes and if you are from a generation who remembers the 80s like i do then you will like the tunes that they play too.

That club is called Big Daddys World 80s club and you can visit it by clicking here

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Check out the current best selling item on the marketplace right now as of 24th April 2016

[Gottier] Veronica .Fenix. dress as you can see below it looks gorgeous and would be an amazing addition to any wardrobe or closet.

Check out more of the dress here and at only 170L$ its a steal



The latest fashion event is being held by the company Swank (yes i know it is a slightly inappropriate name in the UK but outside England it doesnt quite mean masturbation) and the event is a fabulous collection of amazing designers in one place. It truly is an amazing store to visit if you want to learn about some great designers in Second Life.

 You can visit the location by clicking here

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So have your heard about {Epicene}?? It's basically a fashion event with "rounds" of designers submitting 100% original content, for males and females, It's mostly unisex & boasts it's "transgender friendly" .... so you can be sure to find something for everyone, no guys will moan & say "there isn't any male clothes here" because, they offer both!
Hi yeah im back to do another post on this blog, this time its about Madpea's game The Interview. Ok i know this has already been on the blog before but this time i am going to show you the first clue to help you on your way because im like that, i like helping people, i do a favour for you, then i might need a favour from you one day and you aint gonna refuse me are you? Didnt think so.

So here's me at the landing point for the game. You have to buy a hud to play the game, now i am a guy who likes a bargain and i aint gonna pay any more than i need to so i went for the cheapest option to give me access but you might want to splash a bit of cash and get more bling for your buck but the basic one is fine if you just want to play it.

*waves* Hi my name is Segarindo and i am going to give you a quick rundown of the Linden Labs new player area in Second Life in case you either have never been through it or went through a different route into SL

Come join me and take a look at the new player experience

In Second Life, one of the most important things that your avie needs is a skin. Without this you would be wearing the default that came with your account when you first logged in and while this is perfectly usable, its not unique to you. If you have ever been to an infohub or safehub you will see all the new players landing in from the tutorial and they all look the same. There are more avies now in SL to choose from than years ago but because there is only a limited amount and because there are so many people joining every day you end up with an army of clones landing. This is why your skin and more importantly your shape matters.

One store that fulfills your need for good quality skins is Unique Megastore.

You can visit the store by clicking here

Lets check it out

Finding decent clothes for guys in SL can be a bit hard. It seems most guys in second life are content to wear the same tshirt and jeans combo they have worn for weeks, its like "yeah that will do" without thinking to ever change it up a bit so designers in SL for guys know that and dont make as many items for guys as they do girls hence the shortage of good quality mesh for guys in SL. Call us lazy but we just seem to end up that way.
Well heres where that can change. There is a store called Male Mesh Outlet that has some good quality stuff for guys so lets take a look

You can visit the store by clicking here

Hey guys! been long I know! I've been busy "faffin" about, but I'm back to tell you about an awesome sale I came across!

Older avatars will remember ETD Hair, It was one of the hair pioneers of SL & rightly so!
Elika Tiramisu did some awesome stuff!!
I've been away from SL for a few years now & sadly some of my favorite creators are no longer making stuff! ....
I really liked the more casual urban day look, I mean... who prances about in mini skirts & high heels 247?? I know i don't! So.... while snooping through my inventory, trying to find an old designer of one of my favorite shops (SC Surf Couture) as i adore her clothing..... I checked her picks tab & found a pick to her main store..... YAY!

A bit of a premature yay, as the main store is no longer there..... but I did find (Elikatira) Which is created by none other than the creator & founder of ETD Hair!! ........YAY!!

Freebie Galaxy, i am pretty sure that you know about it, if you have not been there yourself then im sure that you know someone who has. Its a 15 floor monster of a freebie palace with all kinds of things that you can get for free. Now free in SL doesnt always mean good. Some of the items at freebie galaxy were freebies back in 2007 so they are now around a decade old. The thing with wearing clothes that are that old is the textures are not as advanced as we have now, they skirts, jacket bottoms etc were all made with "flexi" prims (basically prims with less gravity so they can "flex and flow" which also cause lag to anyone nearby, especially if there are a few people wearing them in the same area as you) and because a lot of them were made back in Second Life's infancy when it was more about having fun and not so much about the look a lot of them are hand drawn so seams dont match and you have other graphical issues. Now dont get me wrong, some of the items from back then were amazing for the time, they really show the spirit of the age they were in where anyone could make anything and just go have fun unlike now were its all about "the look" but thats just it, they are of a certain time in SL and now we have moved on with advances in graphics they dont quite stand up as well as they did.

You can visit Freebie Galaxy by clicking here

 Having said that, lets find 4 positives about Freebie Galaxy

Yes i know this blog is about Fashion and Music but i thought i would do a series about the weird and wonderful things you can find in SL where the odd and bizarre exist.

You can visit this location by clicking here

The gathering of the people to Obamaville.

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Ok so you search a place, lets say jewellery and you see that there are some stores high up on the list with a huge amount of traffic so you think "wow thats a popular place they must be good" then you TP there and its empty but on your mini map there are lots of dots in the sky, ever wandered whats up with that?

Find out after the jump

This is just really a follow up to our post the other day about the new Madpea game - The interview. Well i went back to check out what more has happened and its now live so no more waiting around you can now jump on it and play it

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We all like to chill out and hang out with mates chatting about stuff but what happens if you dont have anywhere of your own? Like if you dont have a house in SL then where can you go and have fun with your friends? There are hangouts, places especially for just that, hanging out with your friends. One of them is Tpircs Park hangout. It has games, a free photo studio, gacha machines, lucky chairs and a nice hangout seating area.

Click here to visit the hangout

Lets go check it out after the jump

If you talk about clubs in Second Life there are very few with a history like Muddys and can say they are still one of the most popular in SL. Muddys however has both history and is consistently in the top 10 of clubs.

You can visit Muddys by clicking here

More about this amazing club after the jump

You couldnt really call this a blog about music in Second Life if we didnt include one of the most consistently busy clubs, Franks Place. This jazz club is almost always in the top 10 of clubs on Second Life for the sheer amount of people who go there.

If you are into formal wear, couples dances and a ballroom ambience then this is the place for you.

You can visit Franks Place by clicking here

Madpea games are known for bringing innovative content to Second Life with their games. They usually are the kind of games where you look for clues to take you to the next section while working through a storyline. The next installment of their games opens on April 3rd and is called The Interview and is based around a job interview. Can you work out the clues and make it to the end?

You can visit the sim here 

There are no other spoilers on this post, you will have to go there to find out more about the game and play it. One thing i will say though is it is fun and has a nice storyline so check it out once it opens officially. 

The Burning Man festival is a huge event in Real Life so its no surprise that its held in Second Life too.

BURN2 is the virtual world version of the real life Burning Man community festival, a unique culture which seeks to create social environments that are unmediated by commercial sponsorships, transactions, or advertising.

For more information about BURN2:

For more information about Burning Man:

The event is on between the 2nd and 4th of April 2016 but we managed to get a sneak preview of what you can see there

You can visit by clicking here

So as is the tradition of playing jokes on people on April the 1st, Linden Labs didnt want to be left out so the Lindens had some fun of their own and posted that they had an important message for residents of Second Life on April the 1st and wanted everyone to teleport here for the special announcement

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