Smugglers Cove Airport review

If you like some of the other pursuits in Second Life outside the club and fashion scene like sailing and flying you will always be on the look out for somewhere new to visit. So today i will let you know about the largest airport on Sansara, Smugglers Cove SLSC.

You can visit the airport here

This is a working airport so expect to see aircraft either landing or taking off or taxing around the airport

The airport is the largest on the northern mainland island of Sansara. You can see this by the fact it covers 2 sims of mainland. It is a working airport not just a static exhibit so you can land here with your aircraft

There are also a few aircraft companies based here, you can book flights here too at the airport terminal which looks like a caribbean airport

Along with airplanes there are also airships and if you have one you can park here too

Being a working airport you also have hangers with aircraft in them, they have some for rent too if you have a plane and need somewhere to park it

There are 2 runways at the airport, this is the view of both of them

Being the largest airport on Sansara you can expect to see a lot of aircraft and hangers and you wont be disappointed here

Under the airport there is a police station which is fully equipped with vehicles and helicopter to chase anyone who tries to break the law in the region

Alongside the police station there is a filling station as there is a main Linden road running along past so if you are low on fuel you can fill up here or maybe just buy some snacks for your journey

Or maybe you are in the mood for a bigger feast? Fancy a burger or a coffee in a retro style cafe? or maybe just want a break from the norm?

Being called smugglers cove you would expect there to be some kind of boats and water right? Well yes, along side the diner there is a port with sailboats and boating slips

It sure is one of the largest airports i have seen in Second Life and has a lot of things to see and explore. Remember it is a working airport so please do not interfere with the aircraft if they are landing but make sure you keep a safe distance from them. Once they have landed and the crew have departed them ask questions if you have any.

What i liked - The place is HUGE, there is so much to see here from aircraft to shops to the police station and diner to the boats.

What i disliked - Some signs saying what was what might help if you are visiting for the first time

Overall the experience is very positive, there is so much there to see and do it can take a while to go round it all but i have given you an overview of it but you have to see it for yourself to really appreciate the size of it.

What do you think? Do you agree with our review? What did you like about Smugglers Cove Airport? Leave us a comment below or if you have any questions about this or any other of our posts just let us know and as ever ill see you next time.
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