Gatcha Gatcha Gatcha, it seems Second Life cant get enough of these games. If you dont know what Gatcha is let me quickly explain. There are usually 4 - 6 prizes in a gatcha machine, 1 of them is a rare item and you will only win this around 3% of the time. The other prizes are usually common objects that you will win around 20% of the time each. You can check out Meshy Bishes Gatcha machines here

Anyways back to the Gathering 2016 Gatcha event.

If you like Gatcha you can visit the location by clicking here

Ok a quick post today but a very important one. This one concerns mental health. So whats this doing in a blog about fashion and music you ask? Well its an important subject and one important enough that there is now a place in Second Life that helps you to understand what its like for people with mental health problems so i thought it was important enough to share on here.

Check it out yourself but remember that some people can be disturbed by what they hear or see but remember this is what some people with mental health problems have to deal with every day 24/7. When the tour is over you can turn it off, they cant. So please check this important site out and let me know what you thought in the comments below

You can visit Virtual Hallucinations by clicking here
Two really nice quality stores in Second Life Miss Mischief and Tokyo Girl both have an outlet store on the Script sim and the building looks rather impressive being in an old factory style so we decided to go take a look

You can visit the location by clicking here

See more after the jump
This sim Suomi - Finland says that it will offer you an immersive experience into what its like being in one of the most northern regions in Europe and it doesnt disappoint.

This is a stunning sim with amazing textures and thought that has gone into making it. Take a look at more after the jump

You can visit Suomi - Finland by clicking here

How to make money in Second Life? I am sure if you have played Second Life for any amount of time you have heard the question "how do i earn money here?" uttered by someone. Maybe you have thought about it yourself? You want those new boots you have seen on sale but just dont have the money on your avatar so how do you go about getting that cash?

Find out some ways you can get cash for your Second Life after the jump

Awite babes? I've been asked to blog again & I'm just sitting here gazing at the gawjus surroundings of my favorite place to chillax,

I came across this gaff while floatin abaat the sim, like you do!
When I saw this gawjus setup!
Relaxation & Premium Prize Gachas. Lucky Chair & Photo Studio, What more could you want? So I thought what better place to show you!
Just another quick post about 800 free gestures from Freebie Galaxy. You know the kind of thing, those text messages you see in the chat logs when someone hears their favorite song or whatever, the ones with the short soundbyte with it? Well now you can get 800 of them from Freebie Galaxy just by visiting the store here

So now you can annoy the hell out of everyone else at the club you are at with your own chat spam!

Jaimee Benelli

Store -  Libertys of London/Meshy Bishes.

Being a Londoner, born & bred, shopping in SL.... I love the fact this next store has LONDON written all over it!!

Libertys of London has a variety of clothing, from casual to club wear for Classic SL avatars & the newer Mesh avatars!
Just another quick post about the new Libertys of London Lucky Chairs at Meshy Bishes store

What are lucky chairs? Basically you find one with a letter or number on it the same as the start of your legacy name (the name you use to log in with not your display name) and if there is one you sit in the chair and win whatever prize is on the board above the chair. It is a fun way to get some paid for items for free.

Come down and check them out here
Strawberryland is a creation by Cica Ghost and is an imagination of a garden with huge strawberry plants in it. None of it is to any kind of scale as there are huge people in the garden too doing different things. They also seem a bit windswept like there is a gale running across the island as some of their hair is being blown about.

This is where you land, the starting point for your journey around this wonderful garden. It is an old looking gazebo building that has seen better days but is perfect for the surroundings as we will see after the jump

You can visit Strawberryland by clicking here

Just a quick post about Enkys Dollarbie Store where almost everything is either 1L$ or free. You might find something useful to you here or if you are on a budget you can find a lot of stuff here for your avatar or house.

When you land at the sim you arrive at the above location, you need to walk straight forward along the platform you are on and you will come to the store which you can visit by clicking here

Check out more after the jump

If you have played Second Life for any amount of time you will have heard about the Role Playing Game called Bloodlines which is in SL. Its a game where you can play as either a Vampire, Lycan (Warewolf) or Human. Its kinda like the Underworld series where there is a constant war going on between clans and the game is rather complex and isnt just as straight forward as you bite someone, they are your minion, you bite others, they are your minions, well ok that is part of it but there is so much more to it than just that. If you want to get involved and join in this huge part of SL lets take a look on how to get started

You can visit the location here

Read more after the jump

So if you want to meet some Lindens and have a snowball fight with them then this is your last chance before the snow melts. If you did this before in December 2015 you know how much fun it is and today is the last day you are going to be able to do this until next winter so get on down and join in the fun today between 10am and 2pm/4pm SL Time.

Click here to visit the snowball fight

This wonderful little Renaissance gallery on the Chilbo sim has all the masters there from the period. If you are interested in paintings from this amazing period in history then i suggest you head on down and take a look

You can visit the gallery by clicking here

Check out more after the jump

One of the oldest objects still in Second Life is the Climbable Beanstalk. This was created by Steller Sunshine back in 2003 and has been on the same spot ever since. It is a challenge puzzle in which you have to use only walk and jump animations to climb it. Sounds easier than it is....

You can visit the Beanstalk here and take the challenge yourself 

The sun was shining as we walked across the sand, the waves lapped at the shore and there were people surfing out on the breakwater. This was the life, sitting on a beach waiting for my interviewee to turn up. There are not many jobs where your office can be such a wonderful place as Kona Beach. My interviewee today is Dean Ingrao (Dingrao Morgath) who has been a DJ in Second Life since 2007. I looked up and there he was walking out of the water, "Just been for a quick surf" he said "hope you dont mind"

"I dont mind at all" i replied "what a nice place to conduct an interview"
"Its one of my favorite places in second life, much better than being in some office" Dean replied as he sat down on the sun lounger next to the table between us.

There are clubs on Second Life that come and go, everyone and their mother wants to own a club, they go out, get some land, buy a prefab club, hire a bunch of people and then it folds in a month because they realise how much hard work it is to run a club in Second Life.
One of the clubs that came and stayed since 2007 is Blackhearts Rock club. This club has a good management team which has enabled it to stay on the grid for 9 years straight. I remember visiting this club as a newbie back in 2007 so i know it has been there this long

You can visit Blackhearts Rock Club by clicking here

When you first land you are at the entrance to the mall with the shops. The club is at the far end of this walkway which we will see after the jump

Nusquam - Welcome to nowhere. This title of the sim sure is accurate. This could be a place anywhere in the world. Its a view of a field which looks a bit tired and neglected. The visuals speak for themselves. Visiting the sim is recommended as i had to turn my graphics settings down due to the sheer amount of objects here and people which was creating lag so i apologise now if the photos dont look as good here as they would on your system

This is the view that greets you when you land, an old station looking building with a rail track running through it.

You can visit the sim by clicking here

The Second Life skin fair 2016 is now on and if you havent been yet or are looking to get a new skin then this is the place for you. With tons of skin, tattoo, eyes and makeup designers all in one place covering 2 sims this is THE event for skins.

You can visit the fair by clicking here

This is what the 2 sims look like when zoomed out, you can see there are plenty shops there to look at, we look at some after the jump


Wandering around Second Life you will come across clubs that have an urban feel or a sci fi feel but Club Vortex is one that manages to fuse both into a kinda futuristic urban ambience. When you first land you will see the entrance reminds you of something you could see in a sci fi movie

You can visit the club by clicking here

Gatcha, you cant deny that it has become part of Second Life shopping and games. If you have never played a Gatcha machine basically the premise is there are some prizes in a game machine and you pay a set amount like 25-50L$ and you receive a prize but some of the prizes are rare so say there are umbrellas but only 1 has teddy ears on and you want it, you might have to play it 4 or 5 times to get the one with the teddy ears, meanwhile youre winning other ones in the process. Its a fun way of getting items you can use to decorate your house or give to friends.

A huge Gatcha event is on at The Arcade so i thought i would go down and check it out

KC Tanya Dress - This dress, which you can buy here on the marketplace for only 99L$ which comes with a hud giving you a huge amount of colour options for the dress and the metal spikes across it. You can make it look clubby, casual or elegant with just a quick click of the hud. I have seen versions of this dress on sale in only 1 colour going for more so grab it while you can. Comes in 5 standard sizes plus versions for Maitreya, Slink Physique and Hourglass bodies, ISIS and Freya mesh bodies.

Visit model location here
The Beta Contributors list is a shrine made in June 2003 to celebrate the names of the beta testers for Second Life.

You can visit the location here

After a days sailing i arrived at an island with a lighthouse and thought, "this looks like a good spot to spend the night" so i pulled into the dock area and tied up my boat

Little did i know what was in store for me that night.....

You can visit this location here, if you dare.....

Awite babes? So yeah i got invited back to do another post so i thought i would do it about horses seeing as i just bought one myself.
Heres me with LovelyAwss because she is a lovely horse, see we say awss down in in my gaff so if you hear it from now on you know what im on about

After a hard night partying Andrea just wanted a cup of coffee without all the fancy stuff that comes with some cafes such as starbucks, she just wanted a nice cafe to have a nice drink in when she came across Cafe Clair

You can visit Cafe Clair here

Its Friday night and im in on Second Life, no one else on my friends list is on so what can i do? I could go to a club? Or i could check out the destination guide? I know what ill do, i will go take a look at Freebie Galaxy they usually have some cool things you can find and for free. Well this time i managed to grab a bargain and only got a Photo Studio for free!!

Read more after the jump
This post comes from a question i was asked tonight by a new player so i thought i would put it on here so everyone could see.

So you bought a boat but you dont want to pay 500 - 800L$ a week to moor it, where can you rez it for free?

We will find out after the jump

The worst thing about getting "all dolled up" on a Saturday night.... is realising that it's absolutely pissing down with rain outside!!
Imagine the scene, you are sitting around with your friends and youre bored, you want something to make them laugh, they have heard all your jokes, you have watched all the funny movies on your SL tv and they dont want to go hang out at a comedy club. You need a funny avatar or attachment to make them laugh and Weirdiculous is the place to get them

You can visit the main store here

There are all kinda of avatars and attachments here, see more after the jump

If you like some of the other pursuits in Second Life outside the club and fashion scene like sailing and flying you will always be on the look out for somewhere new to visit. So today i will let you know about the largest airport on Sansara, Smugglers Cove SLSC.

You can visit the airport here

This is a working airport so expect to see aircraft either landing or taking off or taxing around the airport

What is better than a club in a tropical setting? If you are into the club scene in SL and want a change to the usual urban industrial type settings for clubs why not try Club Leo?

You can visit the club here

Here is the view from the landing point and you can see the wonderful tropical setting in the background

Finding a nice beach you can take your family to can be hard in Second Life as most are sex beaches. However if you do find a good beach its usually deserted and no one around. So if you are like me and want a mix of both then Golden Sun Beach and Shops may be the ideal one for you.

You can visit the beach here

When you land you will be in the shopping area

Alright babes lets get my first post going innit. Hi im Chloe and i have been invited to help blog on SL Fashion and Music so my first post is about this gawgus place called Kona Beach.

So me & my mate Chloe xxLovelyBabesxx are getting ready for our holiday in Marbs this summer, (Marbella for those who don't know) 
We wanted to get "kitted up" with some right tasty clothes & skins
& heard about this gaff in SL called "TheShops" apparently it brings a whole
new shoppping experience to the grid!

In real life i like the art deco look, the designers of the 1930s sure knew how to make a statement with their different shapes and colours. The sweeping lines of the cars of the time are just one example, another are the trains with their curved cowlings hiding the angular shapes of the trains underneath. Another form of art deco is buildings. There were many built in this style and so its good to find a nightclub in Second Life carrying this trend on.

You can visit the club here

When you first land at the club you are greeted by this wonderful looking hall way in the art deco style. The soothing green colour gives a nice welcome and makes a change from a lot of clubs in Second life

Second Life is full of talented people who create nice looking clothes for our avies to wear and Lydia Sands store Boutique LOVELY is a good example of this.

You can visit the inworld store here
Or you can visit the Second Life Marketplace store here

When you first land at the store you are greeted by a nice looking building with a very nice garden area out front

Lets say that you have just been out shopping in SL and you brought a new item but when you look in your inventory you find that its boxed and you dont have anywhere you can rez the item to get your goodies out. What do you do? Well this is where "Sandboxes" come in.

Sandboxes are places where you can rez item, build, test things, basically all the things you can do if you own a piece of land but without the cost. There is also usually a time limit too on how long your items can be in the sandbox before they get auto returned.

The sandbox i use is called Sandbox Shiromani

Pretty much when you land you will be greeted with this view which is the main landing point for the sandbox

Behind you are some ads to gaming sims and other places you may want to look at

Celebrating that time of the year again, SPRING!!
What do I love more than spring?? a lush skin!! Who doesn't?
Well, there is the one time of the year, when all of your skin and cosmetic needs are met.
Skin Fair will start on the 11th of March and it has a HUGE list of incredible creators from all parts of SL.
There will be a wonderful range of skins, appliers, make ups and everything you can imagine to look good under your clothing.
So why not check it out?

Ok so not wanting to let the girls take over the blog i thought it was time to post something the guys who read the blog might be interested in. I mean shoes and dresses might be ok some times but there are times when a guy just wants to get on his bike and ride right fellas?

Well you are in luck because here is a review about the awesome biker sim Star Riders which you can check out here

When you land on the sim, this is where you start out, which is a neat bar with a parking area out front and a nice water scene out back.

Yesterday me & my Essex Babe friend went for a "shake & nag" ..... well she had a cuppa tea, I couldn't resist all the sweet treats on offer..... Apple pie, frothy milkshakes & cupcakes!! come ON!!

If there was one item that has changed my view on Second Life its probably this gadget My Eye View. 

What does it do?
This is the typical SL view that nearly all of us have. A view of our avatar that is about 20 feet in the air behind us. It makes rooms look small and gives you a distorted view of your second life surroundings as you are looking down on everything instead of at it.

Now take a look at this screenshot
Exactly the same place on the sim as the above screenshot but now behind the avatar instead of above it. What a difference this simple thing makes. No longer are you flying behind your avie you are now at the same level which adds so much to the realism and makes rooms seem more in proportion, people seem more realistic, places look more vibrant because you are seeing them from the correct perspective. There is an older version of the hud that is free but if you want the full features i would recommend this one.

Have you ever wondered where people get the cool fonts they use for their names in Second Life? Do you want a cool font for your own avatar but dont want to feel like a noob by asking them where they got it?
Well ponder no more, just click here to go to MessLetters where you can create all kinds of fancy lettering that you can use in SL. They also have symbols and other things like hearts, arrows and stars you can use on notecards or notices to make your own creative look on your text.

Toxik Rock
Now as rock clubs go in SL, there are mainly 3 types. The good, such as Ohana and the Bittr End, The bad, well you know who they are and the down right ugly, the less said about those the better. However Toxik Rock luckily falls into the Good category. With its awesome green ambient look and the dance pads on the floor allowing multiple dancers to all dance in sequence (and these are not the usual dance pad dances either, these are premium ones) it makes for a nice looking club. However looks dont count for much if your sound isnt up to it. Luckily Toxik Rock delivers here by the truck load. If you are looking for rock then you have found it. Also they have a voting system where you can vote for your favorite songs that the DJ has been playing, which is a nice feature.
The management team are also a dedicated bunch who know their stuff when it comes to club management so you are guaranteed a good time if you are looking for a decent rock club.

This outfit was just too cute to pass up and looked good for a nice summers afternoon type photoshoot. After playing around with the windlight settings a little i came across this one Anann realistic ambient which gives a nice shadowing to the picture and is not too harsh like some of them.

Dress by Libertys of London
Feet by Noya
Hair by Magic

Kate (Hockeylips)

Store - Journee'~ Avatars & Accessories

Whilst looking around for a skin, I came across this amazing designer's Marketplace Store 

Journee' has a nice variety of complete avatars & hair.
The skins are really detailed and of high quality, at really good prices! 
A full avatar is less than 300L$!! 
I love the fact the packages come with so much stuff! Skin, hair, clothing, accessories & AO!!  
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