Bloodlines, an RPG in Second Life

If you have played Second Life for any amount of time you will have heard about the Role Playing Game called Bloodlines which is in SL. Its a game where you can play as either a Vampire, Lycan (Warewolf) or Human. Its kinda like the Underworld series where there is a constant war going on between clans and the game is rather complex and isnt just as straight forward as you bite someone, they are your minion, you bite others, they are your minions, well ok that is part of it but there is so much more to it than just that. If you want to get involved and join in this huge part of SL lets take a look on how to get started

You can visit the location here

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When you first land at Liquid Frontier you are presented with a gazebo type building with arrows pointing you to which direction you need to go depending on what role you want to have. Vampire to the left, Human to the front, Lycan to the right. There is also a filling station but i wont go into that in this guide as this is just for how to sign up for Bloodlines

Lets take the vampire route. The Lycan and Human ones follow the same basic idea but some of the wording of the products is different as Lycans dont drink blood for example they need Lumens and humans dont take either, they eat apples or drink cider, Yeah we are all alcoholics lol

So walking into the vampire area, straight infront of you is the Bloodlines vendor that can give you the HUD you need to sign up for the game.

It is the same in the Human and Lycan bases but the vendors just look a little different. The vampire version is called the Thirst where as the Lycan one is called the Rage. The hud is basically the same though. You scan people around you and find people who are not already members of the game and you then have to chat to them to convert them into players and get them to buy the hud and become your minions. The more souls you collect the higher in the ranks you get. It is easier though to be part of a clan, there are lots of different clans in Second Life, some are hard core roleplayers where as some are casual and dont RP at all and just play to get the souls so it depends on your play style and what you are comfortable with. Once you have bought your hud you can then add it and it will show up on the bottom of your screen, you will also be registered on the bloodlines website as a player and you can track your stats from clicking on the hud which will take you to your page on the site. You can also check other peoples stats on there too.

Further round the store there are more items you can buy to help you with your roleplay and your place in the bloodlines universe from potions to amulets to weapons to blood/lumens/cider storage.

The Human part doesnt quite look like this with all the red and black velvet, it looks more like an orchard with apple trees in it and the vendors on through the other archway but the other vendors are like the ones in the vampire area

The Lycan hud is called the Rage like i said before and is of slightly different design to the vampire one but the functions are similar

And of course Lycans have lumen storage instead of blood and personally i like their containers more than the blood ones, i like the shape as it looks more like crystal

Thats a quick overview of the sim and its contents and how to buy the hud to join Bloodlines. Once you have the hud you can then join a clan and be part of its ranks, however if you are serious about being part of bloodlines and you show a clan that you are, by attending their sim and other events they hold you can find that some will buy you the hud and help you join bloodlines so that could be a route for you if you wish to roleplay a way into a Vampire or Lycan clan.

For those of you who dont wish to take part in any of the Bloodlines game at all there is a garlic amulet you can get for free off the marketplace which gives you immunity to Vampires or Lycans and means they wont bother you as when the game first started you have people just biting anyone to try and get to the top of the game and they didnt care how they did it which lead to a lot of places banning Bloodlines players. The game has cleaned up its act since then though and is now a very responsible game for the most part, i cannot speak for everyone as i know you will get some rogue elements everywhere but mostly now it is a good experience.

What i liked - It joins you into an ongoing RPG within Second Life
You will meet a lot of very cool people and become part of their clan
You can roleplay if you wish but you dont have to
There are lots of Bloodlines friendly clubs and places to visit
It is a well crafted game and there are always people on hand to help out if you need it
The community is very friendly and nice

What i didnt like - The cost, you buy the hud and then there is the ongoing cost of other items and potions etc
Learning curve, there is a lot to learn with how to hunt, potions etc
Griefers, Bloodlines has its griefers and you can get tarred with this brush too

Overall the Bloodlines experience is a positive one, you will join a huge network of players and make tons of new friends and people to hang out with but just be prepared to sit down and do some studying to learn all aspects of the game before you jump off into the night on the hunt for the next victim.....

So what do you like about Bloodlines? Do you agree with our review of how to join? Which side did you choose? Comments in the boxes below and i thank you for joining me on this rather long review of how to join Bloodlines but i hope you enjoyed it and it helped you and ill see you next time.
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