Suomi - Finland in Second Life

This sim Suomi - Finland says that it will offer you an immersive experience into what its like being in one of the most northern regions in Europe and it doesnt disappoint.

This is a stunning sim with amazing textures and thought that has gone into making it. Take a look at more after the jump

You can visit Suomi - Finland by clicking here

I had heard about this sim from another blog that i had read where they said they were blown away by it and how it really made them feel like they were in Finland. To be honest i thought "yeah yeah it might look ok but it cant be that good" but after one of my friends said to go check it out i thought i would do and boy was i surprised.

Just wandering around here and taking some time to really study the detail in this sim it changed my mind totally. This really does make you feel like you are in the woods somewhere in Finland. The detail that is in the sim really is amazing. I love the northern lights aurora that is in the sky. That really does help with the immersion

 There are small huts dotted around the landscape which look really nice against the backdrop and would be a very welcome stop if you were here for real

Check out the sauna hut. These are genuinely real and they do have saunas just like these in Finland as i have seen them myself so seeing one here was a nice touch and just made it more authentic for me

The textures of the trees also made it look genuinely like a forest in Finland as they did look good against the sky with the colours dancing in the background.

After looking at these pics i am sure you want to go and check it out for yourself. There are no words for how stunning this place really is. Its one of the nicer sims i have seen in a while and does actually look like what it is portraying. It is also a photographers dream as there are so many places you can take photos here and make them look good.

Overall the feeling is very positive for Suomi - Finland, i liked the feel of the sim and it felt genuinely like i was in Finland

What i liked - Atmosphere, the sim really does capture the feeling of being in the woods in Finland
The attention to detail is amazing
Photographic spots
Northern Lights Aurora in the sky adds to the realism
Wildlife and other hidden treasures for you to find
They give you a map when you land which makes it easier to navigate

What i didnt like - Nothing

So what did you like about the sim? Did you agree with our review? Tell us in the comments section below. Thank you for joining me on this journey to Finland, i hope you enjoyed it and as always, ill see you next time
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  1. OMG that's where Elsa & Anna are from in Frozen init??
    Did they play Let It Gooooooooo? lol