Second Life Skin Fair 2016

The Second Life skin fair 2016 is now on and if you havent been yet or are looking to get a new skin then this is the place for you. With tons of skin, tattoo, eyes and makeup designers all in one place covering 2 sims this is THE event for skins.

You can visit the fair by clicking here

This is what the 2 sims look like when zoomed out, you can see there are plenty shops there to look at, we look at some after the jump


The stores are laid out in a logical square pattern over both sims with a joining middle section which makes it very easy to navigate your way around the whole 2 sims.

The stores are of varying sizes but its the goodies that they contain that are outstanding. You have almost all of the major skin designers here along with tattoo creators, eyes and makeup designers. You can truly make over your avie here in amazing ways

These are just some of the stores that are there to give you an idea of what the standard of craftmanship is there. Plus you get the idea that the designers have individually worked out their shop to match their brand so if you are loyal to a brand of skin, tattoos, makeup or eyes you will find your designer has also extended it to the store layout which is nice.

Hurry on down and check out what is there by clicking here

What i liked - A massive amount of designers in one place
Very very large range of skins, tattoos, eyes and makeup
Designers have taken the time to decorate their shops individually and not left them all basic
Easy to navigate around
Plenty of room to move and view the products on display

What i disliked - very few fantasy skins
Some of the stores seemed to put out exclusives to the fair that were just variants of skins they already have out, so not really an exclusive, different or innovative.

Over all the amount of skins here are amazing and if you take any kind of pride in your avatar you should go check it out as you may find something there you like and mix up your look a little.

Review by Thirza Bastin (Thirzabastin)
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  1. Gotta get down there n get me skin lookin nice ya get me?