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Freebie Galaxy, i am pretty sure that you know about it, if you have not been there yourself then im sure that you know someone who has. Its a 15 floor monster of a freebie palace with all kinds of things that you can get for free. Now free in SL doesnt always mean good. Some of the items at freebie galaxy were freebies back in 2007 so they are now around a decade old. The thing with wearing clothes that are that old is the textures are not as advanced as we have now, they skirts, jacket bottoms etc were all made with "flexi" prims (basically prims with less gravity so they can "flex and flow" which also cause lag to anyone nearby, especially if there are a few people wearing them in the same area as you) and because a lot of them were made back in Second Life's infancy when it was more about having fun and not so much about the look a lot of them are hand drawn so seams dont match and you have other graphical issues. Now dont get me wrong, some of the items from back then were amazing for the time, they really show the spirit of the age they were in where anyone could make anything and just go have fun unlike now were its all about "the look" but thats just it, they are of a certain time in SL and now we have moved on with advances in graphics they dont quite stand up as well as they did.

You can visit Freebie Galaxy by clicking here

 Having said that, lets find 4 positives about Freebie Galaxy

Positive Number 1

Now you could say that having tons of freebies in one place would be a great positive, i mean who doesnt like having free stuff. Like i said in the intro though, just because its free doesnt mean its up to date. Clothes in SL like any fashion item can date and especially when you are wearing things from about 10 years ago that were free then, they show their age. So if clothes are not number 1 then what else could be on the list?
Furniture. This place has a ton of free furniture that you can fill your house with. From kitchens to bedrooms to living areas, it has it all. Now furniture doesnt quite date as fast as fashion does, like the fridge you bought 10 years ago, the style will still be in stores now and 10 years ago you had flat screen tvs and you still have flat screen tvs. Your bed still looks the same now as it did 10 years ago, even 20 years ago so furniture doesnt date as fast as clothes do so thats a good positive to have as number 1.
Its got a lot of free furniture

Positive number 2

Ok so after saying that the fashion items could date after 10 years why am i now going to use fashion items as number 2? Well some of the fashion items havent dated as much because they were made with really good textures to start with. These items textures were from photos so the quality still stands up today. Plus these items are pretty much banned almost everywhere else in SL now after Linden Labs clamped down on branded goods and if you didnt have the copyright to the name you pretty much couldnt use it thats why you dont see Nike, Reebok, Michael Kors, Gucci etc in SL because of the copyright acts that cover their use. Some brands did open official stores so some items you could buy but they have mostly all left now so pretty much this is now the only place you are going to see brand name goods like Nike in SL for sale.
So Positive number 2 is they still have branded goods on sale that are unavailable elsewhere

Positive number 3

Ok this positive is pretty much something that you cant really get wrong, unless you have a really really bad one to start with. Im talking about poses. Freebie Galaxy has tons and i mean well over 100 available poses for you to use both single and couples poses. Now i know what you are thinking, they gotta be bad right? they gotta have like an arm in a funny place or a leg thats at some odd angle making you look like a skier in a crash position. Yeah we have all seen those kinds of poses, the ones usually in freebie dance balls or at clubs that dont have any money and buy a cheap ass danceball and you end up posing like you are being electrocuted but these ones are actually ok. I mean sure you have seen them before probably but you can own them. You dont have to pay someone to use them, you can make your own poseballs or posestand and use them or just use them as they are and pose with them "out in the wild" and take photos of yourself like an inworld selfie. I honestly have not tried them all but the ones i did try were ok, they were pretty standard SL stuff and worked as they should and as poses dont date either you can use them now no matter when they were made.
So Positive number 3 is they have well over 100 poses for free

Positive number 4

Ok i wont lie, i did kinda struggle a bit here. I mean sure there is 15 floors of freebies here, tons of stuff from tops to shorts to skirts to skins to wings to guns to cars etc etc so what could i blog about for number 4 that was a stand out positive? I asked my friend Jai and she said "it could be a good place to meet like minded people?" this is very true, you will meet people who are mostly in the same boat as you, new players who need a new wardrobe and dont want to spend all the time going shopping or trawling through the marketplace, they just want to log in, go to freebie galaxy, get an outfit and go out to have fun. Yes that is a positive and it is a good thing that you can do that i wanted something that was available in the store that could be a positive. I spent 50 minutes going from floor to floor looking around at all the items and then i came across it. Now before you dismiss it just think about it. Christmas decorations. Yes i know its now only April and Christmas is months away but how cool is it that you can just come here and get all your Christmas stuff ready for when you need it? They have enough decorations here to deck your whole house out and if you already have the furniture from here it will go along with it well.
So the 4th positive is there is a lot of Christmas decorations for free

There you have it, 4 positives about Freebie Galaxy that are not just about the free fashion. Now im not saying the items are new or that they are somehow better than creations that are available now, you have to remember most of the items here are from the 2004 - 2009 time period. There are some newer items available here but they are mostly around that age so before mesh. The clothes wont work on mesh avatars as there is no applier for them, they will only work on classic avatars. Most of the boots use invisiprims which mostly dont work now on viewers newer than v2 so unless they have been updated with an alpha or you have your own alpha your feet will stick through the bottom of the boot. Almost all the other items, houses, weapons, vehicles etc will still work fine as they did when they were new so anything i have blogged about here should work but remember that they are free anyway so if they dont you havent paid for it.

Guest post by Wladamir 
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