The Climbable Beanstalk!

One of the oldest objects still in Second Life is the Climbable Beanstalk. This was created by Steller Sunshine back in 2003 and has been on the same spot ever since. It is a challenge puzzle in which you have to use only walk and jump animations to climb it. Sounds easier than it is....

You can visit the Beanstalk here and take the challenge yourself 

The object of the puzzle is to jump in the leaves and stalks to make it to the top however the parts you are landing on, the other leaves or stalks are not very large and because your view is limited due to them being around the main stalk it makes it hard to judge where you are going to land. This adds to the difficulty of the puzzle. There was a challenge put up by Steller in her notecard from 2003 which says

2003-08-21 16:07:47 note card created by  Steller Sunshine
Climb the stalk!

This is a climbable challenge, do you want to take it?

Practice and if you get good and can prove to me you can make it to the top and not fall I will pay you $500.

No flying allowed. No scripts can assist. Thats right pure skill only! =0) Use jump and walk to make it to the top, yes it can be done!

To take the $500 challenge you need to make an appointment w/me and I must be present or one of my assistants who is available (Dawson Murphy).

You are welcome to practice anytime. =0)

Have fun!!!!

This is what the leaves and stalks look like so you can see the complexity of it and how hard it actually is to make it

You can go there and practice though for as long as you want and after you have tried and tried and tried for a long time you can make it to the top. Remember this challenge uses no AO as they were not around when this was built in 2003 so you have to turn off your AO to do it which does make it more difficult as you are using the default Second Life animations not the ones you are used to with your AO as i know some of them help you with jumps etc which in this case would be classed as cheating

After a while though you can make it if you try enough. It is a very hard and fun challenge which is from the very start of Second Life so if you havent been down to see it yet, take a look, bring your friends and see if you can all do it. There is also a naughts and crosses game on the ground for you to play if you get bored lol

I couldnt play however as you need 2 players but i have played it before and its a fun game.

So there you have it, one of the oldest challenges in Second Life, its part of the history of the world so if you havent visited it yet take a look and see if you can complete it.

Ok ill admit i cheated and flew to the top to take the picture but shhhhhhhhhhhh dont tell anyone ;)

Guest blog post by Thirza Bastin (Thirzabastin)
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