Golden Sun Beach and Shops

Finding a nice beach you can take your family to can be hard in Second Life as most are sex beaches. However if you do find a good beach its usually deserted and no one around. So if you are like me and want a mix of both then Golden Sun Beach and Shops may be the ideal one for you.

You can visit the beach here

When you land you will be in the shopping area

The stores they have are a varied bunch, from fashion to utilities there is something for everyone here. The shopping area is also quite large, almost 1 third of the sim so you get the idea of the space and amount of shops there actually is

To get to the beach you have to walk through the shopping area, i suggest you move forward a few steps off the landing point and then allow everything to load as it will help with the lag that you will surely get if you move without letting it load.

At the entrance to the beach area is the info boards with the staff on duty, schedule board, rules board and other boards showing total visitors and latest visitor

Having a board with the staff on duty is a good touch, not a lot of places have this and it makes it easier to get hold of someone if something bad happens such as griefing or harassment.

The beach itself is quite large, and has a lot of seating areas that you can relax with your friends or chat to the people there. You will notice that the beach is quite full and it is usually like this as every time i have been there it has been this busy so there is always someone around to talk to.

They also have a DJ stage where they hold events, you can check the schedule board at the entrance for times

Here are some more pictures of the beach so you can see the size

Alongside the beach there is a lighthouse and pier which do help to create the feeling of being at an actual beach and not just some box with sand in it like some beaches.

For those of you who like to play 7 seas fishing, you would be in luck as there is a deck with the fishing game on it.

 To sum up

What i liked - Large selection of shops, Large beach with lots of people to talk to, Its not an adult sex beach, Has 7 seas fishing, Feels like a real beach

What i disliked - The lag when you land

So overall it is a very positive experience and is a good place to go if you want to hang out and meet new people or hang out with friends

I hope you enjoyed the review, any questions or comments please leave them below and as always, ill see you next time 

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