Kona Beach and Surfing

Alright babes lets get my first post going innit. Hi im Chloe and i have been invited to help blog on SL Fashion and Music so my first post is about this gawgus place called Kona Beach.

So me and my bestie LondonBish decides we is going to the beach. What better place than this? I mean take a look at the following pics babes and tell me this aint one of the prettiest places us gawgus people can hang out?

What i loves about this place is there are so many places to sit and hang out. They gots top class anims in, no shyte here, oh no bae they are reem. 

Check it they even got this little hut with some well good lighting in it, now im one of these people who likes a bit of lighting, i aint one of those people who fumble around in the dark, ya get me? i like to see whats being played on the fiddle not listen to it with my eyes closed if ya catch my drift? Well here you get just that, check the pics 

Now i dunno about you but i gots nice flooring in my gaff and i hate it when peeps come round with their dirty shoes on and make my place like the mcdonalds toilets on a saturday night so i was pleased to see the following sign

Have you ever seen the TV show im a celebrity get me out of here? Oh my gawsh thats one of my fav shows but anyways if you have seen it you will know about the rope bridges that take them into and out of the jungle. Well guess what? They got that here too, check me out doing my best celeb impression 

I loves a bit of romance me, a bit of snuggling with my bae, mmmmmmm cant beat it, well yeah he loves to but thats another story lol. If you like hanging out with your bae in a romantic setting you can here as they have plenty of romantic spots, just like the hut i already posted they have more like the following

Now see me, you might think "wow she is a classy bird" but i can get down with da kids too ya know, i aint above being like a little kid now and again. Or maybe you got some kiddies and you want to bring them to the beach? In SL that can be dangerous as there are pervs and weirdos everywhere you look innit but Kona Beach has you covered, no nudity allowed here so gotta keep your hot dog and buns outta sight. They also got some nice poses for kiddies too, heres me building a sandcastle looking like the classy chick that i am

So you been hanging out, chatted with your mates, loved your bae, now you wanna do what every girl does, shop! If you want beach fashion or a surfboard then youre in luck

I shopped until my arms were more sore than my mate Mandys ham purse on a friday nignt on the lash at 4am after a sesh with whoever she can find but enough about that, check out whats under the waves, only a mermaid house, thats right a frikkin mermaid house, how reem is that?

Oh mah gawd, there was a shark, yes babes there was an actual shark, it was swimming round and round but luckily i saw him and managed to move my ass before it got me but if you go down there check it out, i hear you can ride it too but aint nobody got time for dat!

Check it too, the amazing detail in this place, freakin awesome babes, i mean this place truly is spesh, i aint lying, the colours here give me ideas for my pad, i was looking at them thinking, they go together really well and i should gets me some of that for my gaff so if you know where i can get them let me know

Like how cool is this? You can actually feed the fish there. I mean there is a fish food giver and it gives you actual fish food! Amazing huh? I would never have guessed it if i hadnt seen it with my own peepers. Feeding the fish though is another matter, it took me ages to work this out and got frustrated with it that i was standing there like an old man peering over the school gates with this block of fish food in my hand but then i worked it out, you gotta click infront of you and it throws it to the fish, how amay is that? I dunno if the fish ate any though but i did my good deed ay?

I love horses, do you? i mean who dont like a horse? They are all big and look good in pictures on your wall, i aint got one myself but my mate Debbie has, she always says she is feeling a little horse but she dont seem to have a sore throat. Well if you like horses they got rides here too 

But yeah typical huh? there has to be some oik who what lowers the tone and leaves their rubbish about, i mean seriously who takes pizza to a tropical beach? Unless its Hawaiian pizza? You know that ham and pineapple one you see everywhere in Iceland frozen foods? I aint been there in ages of course so i dunno about it but i heard.

Oh Ma Gorsh i loves it, peddle boats that is, i used to go on them at the park pond when i was little, my dad would take me and we ended up going round and round in circles because i couldnt peddle as fast as he could but if you and your bae want to go on one, you can, you can also ride them over the waves but i dunno how safe that is huh, probably not so dont do it babes or you might get hurt or worse, yer eyelashes might get washed off in the waves and you look like gail platt from corrie

I guess a beach with surfing wouldnt be right if i didnt gas about the surfing right? This is reem, and when i say reem i mean this is the dogs nuts reem. There are 5 different surfboards you can just touch and they rez a kinda demo board but without any THIS IS A DEMO above you. They last as long as you are standing on them. I would say the middle one is the easiest to use, the others you can do more with but unless youre a surfing pro keep to the simple one innit so you dont look like a wally when you fall off or ride onto the beach arms flailing everywhere like a fish outta water lol which you would be haha. They also got windsurfing boards too but they go like mental and are so fast you gotta have a good PC to use them properly

Here are a few more photos from Kona Beach

So there you have it, a right proper gawgus sim. Tons of stuff for you and your bae to do and see. The owners Lilly and Dax Kona are really sound people too, they really know their stuff when it comes to surfing in SL. Remember this is also their private home so dont do anything here you wouldnt want done at your gaff right? I love the fact they share this place with everyone and its all free. The surfing is some of the best in SL and has wave after wave after wave so you can truly surf all day. 

A blog post about surfing wouldnt be right without a pic of someone surfing right? So to end here is me, on one of the middle surfboards doing ma thang

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