All the fun of the fair?

After a days sailing i arrived at an island with a lighthouse and thought, "this looks like a good spot to spend the night" so i pulled into the dock area and tied up my boat

Little did i know what was in store for me that night.....

You can visit this location here, if you dare.....

Off in the distance i saw a large island with a looming presence, i asked the lighthouse keeper about it and he said "folks from around here dont go to Piri Island any more, things happe......... things just went on there that, lets just say people want to forget, i wouldnt suggest going over there if i were you"

Ok so that was like a red rag to a bull. If someone says to me "dont do that" or "dont touch that" i have to find out why, i cant just take their word for it, i have to know either why i cant or i will do it to see what happens. So i unhitched my boat and sailed off over to this mysterious island.

After landing at the dock area i looked up at the huge hill before me, there was a slight chill in the air but that didnt stop me, like those cheap horror movies where the stars keep going on even though you know something bad is going to happen i had to find out what was up there.

A fair? Was this the thing that had kept people away? what was so bad about a fair? I turned and looked up at the path i was about to walk and noticed something strange about the tree at the bottom of the path

It almost felt as if the tree had eyes staring at me. It was a little un-nerving but i carried on, i wasnt going to let this stop me so i continued up the hill

The path was long and winding but eventually i managed to make it to the top

Here the ambience changed from the foreboding i had when i first landed to something of fun, i could hear the music coming from the steam pipe organ and the sounds of a fair

The fair entrance seemed normal and i didnt think anything of it as i walked through and into the fair itself, there were all kinds of fair related things from fortune tellers to merry go rounds, but one thing abounded, there was a feeling of dread, i couldnt quite put my finger on it but there was something about this place that i thought maybe i should have listened to the lighthouse keeper after all

After going on the rides and playing some of the games (and winning a few bears on the stalls too) there was 1 ride left that i hadnt been on, now i felt a little crazy because it was a tunnel of love and there was only me here but the ticket booth guy said "its fine, we get single people all the time going on the ride, dont worry, youll be fine, youll have the ride of your life"

So i said "ok ill take a ticket, after all what do i have to loose?" so he gave me my ticket and i waited for the cart to come round. I stepped in and waited for it to pull away into the tunnel As it started moving i could hear a deep rumbling sound coming from underneath me, like it was deep in the floor under my feet, it was at this point i should have got out and left and just gone back to the lighthouse, but i didnt, i carried on into the tunnel. Thats when things went from bad to worse........

If you want to find out what happened you should visit the fair location here 
All i will say is it is fun and a totally different experience to have in Second Life. If you have never been here i would recommend it. Let us know in the comments below if you went there and what you liked or disliked about it. Did you ride the tunnel of love or were you too scared? What about the rest of the island? Did you enjoy it? As always any questions or comments just leave them below and ill see you next time.......
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