New Brighton

Now anyone who lives in the UK will know of the Brighton. For those of you who dont, allow me to introduce you to one of the UK's premier seaside towns, which now has a sim in SL called New Brighton

You can check it out here

Here is an overview of the world famous pier and sea front. It does actually look realistic as a pier and with the waves lapping underneath it and the ironwork faithfully reproduced it does make it a nice looking place to visit

The sea front buildings are quite impressive with 3 story houses to rent with quite an allowance of prims to furnish them how you want

A first impression is always good if you can make it stand out. This is what the entrance to the pier does as it copies the victorian pier design that was used on a lot of piers in the late 1800s

There is a promenade that extends out to the pier head, along the way there are typical deckchairs that you would find at any UK beach and look right at home here

At the end of the pier is the theatre which houses live music and does recreate a genuine pier head theatre

What seaside town would be complete without a funfair? You can ride the merry go round on the horses or take a balloon ride

Further along the beach past the pier there are shops under the promenade, some of which are for rent if you wanted to start a new store, what better place to have a shop than on the beachfront?

The view of the whole promenade and beachfront with the pier is quite impressive and does capture the feeling of being at the seaside really well

Further around the sim there are beach huts for rent so if you ever wanted to have a little piece of home at the beach, here you can.

Along further and there are more of the beach huts, these used to be very popular at UK beaches during victorian times when families would rent them to change in during a time when even seeing someones ankles was seen as taboo

If you come inland from the beach you will find some more houses for rent, just as impressive as the ones on the beachfront but a little more secluded for those who dont wish to be straight in the hustle and bustle of the beach but want to be near enough to visit

Another angle of the promenade and beachfront with the pier. This time with the bandstand in view

Ok so i left the scooter picture until last. You cant have Brighton without scooters. Back in the 1960s there used to be mass rideouts to Brighton by the Mods who would ride there to hang out and have fun but it usually involved fights with the Rockers who rode motorbikes and listened to different styles of music.

Thank you for joining me on my visit to New Brighton, be sure to take a visit as it is a lot of fun and check our events listings for any events that are happening at New Brighton

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