Club Vortex Review

Wandering around Second Life you will come across clubs that have an urban feel or a sci fi feel but Club Vortex is one that manages to fuse both into a kinda futuristic urban ambience. When you first land you will see the entrance reminds you of something you could see in a sci fi movie

You can visit the club by clicking here

The futuristic feel also extends when you walk up the stairs into what could look like a street in the movie Blade Runner or even a Star Wars city. I was almost expecting a cyborg to walk down it and ask me if i had any change

After checking out the street and you should take a look at it too as so many people just ignore these little touches when they arrive at a club they are in too much of a hurry to get in and dance they forget these amazing extras. I always look to see what areas the creators have made outside their buildings as it all adds to the over all experience.

The entrance to the club looked pretty good with a Matrix feel to it. Like you could meet Neo or Trinity in here, the green colours were soothing and not garish like some clubs

Inside they continue the sci fi feel with screens above the dance floor that rotate around showing images that change. There is a dance machine for tinies too on the wall as you can see to the left of the above picture which was a nice touch i thought as a lot of clubs forget about them and sometimes if they use a regular dance ball it stretches their avie in awful ways.

Here is the interior from another angle, the DJ booth is on the right of the picture, the entrance is at the back (this is taken from the other side of the club opposite the entrance) they also have a sploder and couples dance balls. There is seating round the edge too if you just want to hang out with some friends in an awesome futuristic club setting.

What i liked - They have nailed the ambience just right, the textures and colours fit perfectly
There are dances for tinies
Street scene outside 

What i didnt like - Nothing

Review by Thirza Bastin (Thirzabastin)
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