Change your view of Second Life forever

If there was one item that has changed my view on Second Life its probably this gadget My Eye View. 

What does it do?
This is the typical SL view that nearly all of us have. A view of our avatar that is about 20 feet in the air behind us. It makes rooms look small and gives you a distorted view of your second life surroundings as you are looking down on everything instead of at it.

Now take a look at this screenshot
Exactly the same place on the sim as the above screenshot but now behind the avatar instead of above it. What a difference this simple thing makes. No longer are you flying behind your avie you are now at the same level which adds so much to the realism and makes rooms seem more in proportion, people seem more realistic, places look more vibrant because you are seeing them from the correct perspective. There is an older version of the hud that is free but if you want the full features i would recommend this one.

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