Finkin..... ye! I do it! lol

Awite babes? I've been asked to blog again & I'm just sitting here gazing at the gawjus surroundings of my favorite place to chillax,

I came across this gaff while floatin abaat the sim, like you do!
When I saw this gawjus setup!
Relaxation & Premium Prize Gachas. Lucky Chair & Photo Studio, What more could you want? So I thought what better place to show you!

Right cushty is this gaff, a real holiday feel abaat it!
You know the kinda place that makes you feel chill, I rate it, seriously it's a bit of me!

So I decided to make it my home away from home.
I like to cotch here while blogging 
(Stops the SL Pervs IMing me askin me what I'm doin) .....
Certainly not you LUV!! Go chirps another chung bird init! Lol, anyway, I thought I'd give you's lot a butchers to see what a gew like me gets upto when she not avin it, clubbin & shoppin!
Just look at the view, I really love it here!

The best bit about it, is, not only can you relax, sip a drink & unwind with mates here, there are some Gacha/Gatcha machines with Premium mesh prizes for only 25L$ and a Lucky chair also with Premium prizes (no freebie rubbish) propa top clobber! Mesh or old school avie, they'll fit you all! 

There is also a Free Photo Studio, so your bloke can hang out in the Tiki alone, or with a mate & relax listening to the water splashing below & hearing the tunes playing while you fashionistas can use the photo studio & he wont even moan you're taking so long, cos there is free booze! ;)

So, there we have it! My lil place to cotch in SL!
Anyone is welcome & the Premium Prizes & Photo Studio are for anyone, Not restricted to group members like some places!

You can visit by clicking here to TP - Tpircs Park Tiki Hang Out

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