ElikaTira SALE!!

Hey guys! been long I know! I've been busy "faffin" about, but I'm back to tell you about an awesome sale I came across!

Older avatars will remember ETD Hair, It was one of the hair pioneers of SL & rightly so!
Elika Tiramisu did some awesome stuff!!
I've been away from SL for a few years now & sadly some of my favorite creators are no longer making stuff! ....
I really liked the more casual urban day look, I mean... who prances about in mini skirts & high heels 247?? I know i don't! So.... while snooping through my inventory, trying to find an old designer of one of my favorite shops (SC Surf Couture) as i adore her clothing..... I checked her picks tab & found a pick to her main store..... YAY!

A bit of a premature yay, as the main store is no longer there..... but I did find (Elikatira) Which is created by none other than the creator & founder of ETD Hair!! ........YAY!!

What's more, there is a SALE on all hair! She is currently moving in RL & every item is on sale until further notice......YAY!! :P

There are some really high detailed Mesh hairs for sale, really nice textures & colour pallets to die for!!
Funky Ombre dyes & natural roots....
Just check our Libertys model Libby wearing the gorgeous
[e] Estelle - Brunettes, With Blue Ombre
At Meshy Bishes 

Not to mention the really cool mesh hair dye bottles displaying all the colours.... well thought out design & premium hair!

Note - this is just a temporary location & the main store is being built as we speak.

So why not pass by & grab a few deals before the sale ends!
You can jump in a Cab here - Elikatira

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