Mesh Vs Classic??

So SL is ALL mesh in most of the stores nowadays.... but what about us Avi's who are Classic??
Me personally, I'm a Classic SL Avatar..... I have been on Grid for 8 years and still prefer being classic..... I don't like the "Faffing" that is involved with being a Mesh Avi & 2b honest.... I'm comfortable in my Classic Shape!

That does not mean I don't like to mix things up a little.... I LOVE mesh clothing.... but I want to be able to still wear my favorite SL brands without having to change my whole avatar!
 Having said that, it is easier for me to find stuff as I am Classic.... therefore, I can wear both Mesh and Classic Clothing, unlike you poor Mesh Avi's!! LOL
This is where the OMEGA Appliers come in!!
This great little invention lets Mesh Avatars wear Classic SL clothing layers on their mesh Avi!
Which means you can wear your favorite brands, without having to worry if they will bring out a mesh version!! I'ts all ready for you!!
Its a nifty little Hud that you just wear an "apply" the layers you want!
Why not ask your favorite designer to add the Omega Appliers to their work today?

Mesh Vs Classic..........You decide??

Skin by - Redgrave
Hair by - Moon
Dress by - Meshy Bishes

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